How to make your content stamina

Rebecca: content is the core of the entire digital marketing. And talk about a very interesting "flywheel assembly" theory, to teach you how to make your content strategy as a flywheel to maintain inertia, stamina.


below is an article in Rebecca mentioned: "how to build the content of the flywheel"". Share to everyone.

is one of the most important advances and innovations in mechanical engineering. A key component of a steam train, from the first day of 1800s until it became a NASA spacecraft. It can be seen that it is powerful and efficient, the flywheel requires an initial torque (to maintain inertia) to continue to move forward. Once in motion, it will build and store more and more energy per cycle, and increase the total output and effectiveness over time.

a content strategy similar to the work of the flywheel. Companies invest in a content strategy to find business and develop into a self-sufficient model. Not every time you create a new single activity or content, you stop and apply the new strategy before, but the energy of the former can maintain inertia to promote the development of the next round of content strategy.

first, however, it requires an initial torque, which involves the following four key inputs:



first step: clear goals and KPI

no matter what type of content marketing work, clear goals and KPI are the most important part. Without them, the success of the content can not be supported in the enterprise, with the passage of time will not be able to advance the project.

advanced organizations beyond the standard industrial indicators, such as sales and leadership; or false prosperity indicators, such as by the number and page views. Instead, they focus on their index and consumers have established a deeper relationship, and will produce numerous influence business goals, such as "cost savings, risk and crisis management, and to improve work efficiency."

below is an example of a KPI template:


second step: clear audience and key channels

all organizations are facing a challenge of "content everywhere". Consumers’ attention will be split in dozens of television channels and social media. In order to attract attention, organizations need to know where to find their listeners, so that the content of a particular channel to attract and retain attention.

plans a "funnel"

through the funnel to determine the intersection of consumers at each stage of the passion and pain points.


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