Three new board nternet Co financing bragging list


read the king wanted to talk about the new year after the spring of this thing, but in view of the broad masses of the people’s voice is very high, and today we talk about it.

every day, the major media will disclose the latest financing Internet Co, it is said that the dollar into RMB, the data will be more fair.

in general, before the Internet Co to the United States market, you can not be sure how much money the company actually melt. Fortunately, there are three new board. Read some time ago to do a simple data, look at the listing of the new board of the three major Internet Co in the past there is no bragging in the financing.

data came out, really scared, really do not boast of the company, for example, there is a home called heartbeat network game company really did not blow.

of course, you know, bragging is the norm!

in fact, read the king is very understanding of Internet Co financing bragging. Brag has several benefits: tell the competitors or potential competitors, don’t challenge, brothers hand some ammunition; tell consumers, we are a big company, rest assured of our products, we can afford to burn money subsidies. In addition, want to headlines, or have to blow.

so, you read this article when a smile. The only thing to note is that Zhuge don’t learn how to blow it, not listed before you listed if it is blowing, carefully check your commission.

1, brewmaster network: 8 million yuan VS $20 million

April 14, 2011, Beijing News News, brewmaster network to complete the first round of $20 million financing, but the fact is that in April 2011, brewmaster network completed financing only 8 million yuan


and the 8 million yuan financing from their own people, Hao Hongfeng He Songchun, a founding shareholder and related parties Yueqiang wine out of the money. This round of financing, brewmaster network registered capital increased to 10 million yuan.

August 29, 2012, the first financial dispatch said, brewmaster network announces C round of investment, the total amount of $200 million. However, according to the public transfer instructions, the actual figure of 110 million yuan.

brewmaster network’s story tells us that some Internet Co announced the amount of financing you want to make ninety percent off


however, brewmaster network chairman Hao Hongfeng blowing cattle finally realized. 2011 announced the first round of financing, Hao Hongfeng has said that the company completed at least three rounds of financing before the listing, the scale of about 1 billion yuan.

brag into reality, this is the level.

2, Zhuge world: 185 million VS 1 billion, after the listing is not blown

read you every day in the following three new board market, some time ago by a news scraper, several auto B2B three new board company called Zhuge (the world.

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