The nternet industry entrepreneurs new opportunity analysis to miss you will be too late to regret

many people dream to own a cup of soup from the Internet to the feast, but no direction or suffer, or suffer no technology, no money or suffer…… Can only look at the birth of a wealth of the Internet industry, from Ma to Ma Huateng, from Robin Li to Li Xingping, from Ding Lei to…… No one has anything to do with yourself. Oh…… Is not right, or a little relationship, that is, we may be using their products at this time, for their contribution to the myth of the wealth of our meager strength.

from the portal to the search engine, from the forum to SNS, from the blog to micro-blog, from the chat tool to the video site, from the site navigation to the hundred regiments, from B2B to C2C, from the classification of information to the love and marriage website…… You Changba me play, the Internet is not the lack of hot, hot behind our opportunities and where? Industry website segmentation, vertical and regional, this is the last chance to grassroots webmaster, this is also a lot of people insiders consensus.

vertical industry listed earlier website has China chemical network, qianchengwuyou, Ctrip, a grand and so on, the industry is already the Red Sea, has no any new opportunities.

in recent years, the house became a topic of the people, the real estate site is also very lively, SouFun also took the opportunity to market. The car is in addition to another big house, is also a symbol of status, BITAUTO are also listed. The men left 3S lady more and more, the TV dating show fire in a complete mess, dating sites also fire up, Helen of Troy Jiayuan is also listed. Coincidentally, these three sites are also in the United States in the city of 2010. These industries, due to the presence of giants, the basic form of monopoly, the new entrants, the opportunity is very slim.

vertical industry is very much, the opportunity is still a lot of these years to see the money from the owners are also a lot of the author’s ability to limit, no longer one by one analysis. In this focus on the analysis of the housing related to another type of website – decoration network. Buy a house will certainly be renovated the old house, but also re decoration, decoration of each of the owners is a big project, involved in many, light material is not under 10, many owners of the decoration also do not understand, so in recent years, and decoration related sites such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, including home network, network, network, Home Furnishing decoration decoration, building materials, building materials group purchase net net net, each city has several different. But really do good, do not earn much money.

what is the reason? The author analyzes the possible reasons for the following aspects.

a, lack of technology

to do a website, although it is not difficult, but really do a fully meet their requirements, high security, the atmosphere is also a beautiful site is not an easy thing. A lot of similar sites are completely imitate others, and even use is to buy or steal from the Internet program, just change a name, on the line. The number of such a large number of sites, and sometimes flicker part of the customer, but the possibility of bigger and stronger.

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