Fan Interview of the Year: Jabra Shah Rukh interviews the superstar Shah Rukh

first_imgIn a first of its kind interview, Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh appeared as both the interviewer and the interviewee to address a few questions for his fans. Shah Rukh’s double-starrer Fan releases on the silver screen today.Here are some excerpts from the interview:Q: I am very glad to meet you. How does it feel to meet me?A: I am feeling very good. I like to meet those who talk to me. Thank you very much for having me here.Q: Are you a fan of anyone?A: I am a fan of all those who have some exceptional work. I am a fan of several actors. I am the biggest fan of Sachin Tendulkar. Our career began together in 1991, which is why I feel connected to him. He is also a friend of mine. He is genuinely one of the greatest people in our country. I am always proud and happy to see him.Q: Who were you a fan of before joining the film industry,?A: During our time, everyone was a fan of Amitabh Bachchan and Rishi Kapoor. Among the women, I was fond of Sridevi. I was also a fan of Madhuri Dixit and Juhi Chawla. In sports, I was a fan of Sunil Gavaskar.Q: Did you ever try to mimic someone, like Dilip Kumar or any other actor?A: When I was a child, I used to participate in Ramleela.  I used to get a chance to meet the mimickery artist. I used to play the role of a monkey. I was inspired by one of the mimickery artists there. I used to mimic them at home and not in front of people. I used to imitate Prithviraj Kapoor, Dev Anand, Amitabh Bachchan. It was difficult to mimic Dilip Kumar since he spoke with lot of time. I can also mimic Sunny Deol.advertisementQ: Have you ever been troubled or stalked by a fan in real life?A: No one has really troubled me. They come to see and meet me. They write letters to me and tweet to me. Sometimes, it may sound as though they are stalking but that’s not the case. They all love me. I meet them and gradually have begun to recognise them. You begin to develop a friendship.Q: Do you remember any message/letter written by a fan to you?A: We are sitting in my library where I have a collection of them. Earlier, people used to write a lot and so I have a collection of letters in various files, stored inside trunks. I hope to read them entirely some day. People usually write good things, praising my films. They tell me about incidents which have changed lives after seeing my films. Many say they married after watching DDLJ (though I cannot take responsibility for that).Q: Has any fan complained to you on social media? How do you feel when they criticise you?A: A fan can never talk ill of you. And if they do, they are not a fan. Some of them are fans of other actors, so they criticise me. Some of them have already decided not to watch my films. I think these remarks are trivial. I do not let negativity get to me. I ignore them. But yes, no one has criticised me on my face. They do complain when I fail to meet them, for instance, during the weekend.Q: Who do you think follow you more – male or women?A: I’d like to believe that I have more female followers. I have never calculated. Both girls and boys like me, but I think girls like me more.Q: You have a dialogue in the film “Kya mujhe aapke 5 minutes bhi nahi mil sakte?”.. What if you were asked this in real life? Would you give five minutes of your time to your fan?A: I try to meet everyone whenever I have the time during public appearances. Each time I appear on the red carpet, I try my best to meet them. In the film, there is a reason why I do not give my time to Gaurav. You might not agree with me but perhaps that is the beauty of the film. I don’t know whether it will satisfy you or not. But in real life, I do take out time for my fans.Q: What was it like playing the role of both Gaurav and Aryan in the film?A: I have played the role of two characters. Aryan Khanna is a superstar for 25 years. His background is based on me in terms of films and not character. He is reserved in the film. Meanwhile, Gaurav belongs to Delhi and he wants to meet his star and talk to him. The film is about how things take a turn and change his life completely. It is an emotional thriller but we have tried to keep it entertaining.Q: What if someone begins to stalk you in real life? How would you react?advertisementA: I would ring his parents, scold him, talk to him and explain him. I would meet his friends and ask them to explain it to him. Whenever you love someone, you should not try to associate yourself with him. You should create your own identity. Just because we are a fan of Sachin or Amitabh, does not mean that we begin to consider ourselves to be great. We should be inspired by them and create our own identity.Q: Your film has been produced in several languages. Which one of them is your favourite?A: I like Punjabi, Bhojpuri and Hindi one.. Someone has produced it in Malayalam.. I think there is a rap version to it..I enjoyed the Bhojpuri one..Q: How difficult was it for you to carry the role of Aryan and Gaurav?A: Aryan’s make-up was a regular one. Gaurav is the young one and Aryan is slightly older. We used harsh lighting to portray the latter, we tried to keep it simple. For Gaurav, we took a lot of time.. It took four hours to apply the make-up and nearly 90 minutes to remove it. A lot of effort was required and you had to be very careful. I also lost some weight to carry out Gaurav’s role.Q: Lastly, do you have any message for your fans?A: Thank you very much, I am very grateful to my fans for showering me with so much of love. I hope I am able to keep you happy and entertained through my works. I pray for your happiness.last_img

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