Four tips so that the amount of space and activity QQ doubled

QQ space and the amount of fans has always been a lot of friends interested in the issue of concern, after all, represents the popularity.

a lot of people are racking their brains to think about how to improve the activity of fans, today I will share a few tips.

first, the premise is to QQ space fans (also known as QQ friends or friends less, one-way) this is the most important, relatively closed space, excluding others reproduced share or Tencent recommended to bring traffic, that is a lot of friends who more traffic……

today does not say how to attract other people’s attention, talk about how to activate some of the previous concern of friends, improve activity.

a, timing appears

distribution in good time, early in the evening there is a talk, or the log can be, it is best to do let others feel from the text to you, to let others feel that there are two ways, one is content with emotion (don’t bring negative emotions, with positive energy) is two; the content and value, look after can learn something.

early in the evening, as far as possible in order to cover all the crowd, let all the friends see, see more, will get used to it, then do not appear, they will take the initiative to open your space, it is active.

if the other people can not see, or visit the pursuit of space, there is no integrity refresh it, every one or two hours to update the dynamic, brush every day more than and 10 times, so I know all your friends. This method belongs to seven injuries boxing, friction serious, everyday hair content, can not guarantee the quality, must have low quality content, bring bad effects; also so every day out of order content make people feel very boring, boring, or even pull the black…… Disturb others.

two, so that their dynamic more eye-catching


, dynamic space. Remember the location and content of this picture:


1, I dynamic that one, with a gun at the top of the left, the right is the bullet, the middle is bullet marks and that appear in the dynamic space inside others, very smart. (the only version of the mobile phone QQ client can set, cannot be displayed in the web version of space)…… This function is called "card"

is the point of the way to talk about details, and then click the "card" image, enter the settings page, the top right corner of the card mall, there are a lot of personalized eye-catching card to choose from.


2, about the time right, my introduction to the text, which is free to write, can be a domain name, subscription number, promotional text, each dynamic would contain this information to influence others is the most appropriate, but the web version and the mobile version will be displayed, this function is called "space" >

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