A big wave expression package struck how to react

online popular saying: "when a copy of life, but also do not have an expression pack."

I do not know what time, "expression package" has become a social necessary, meaning rich and fashionable. The most expression package source — Baidu Post Bar appears as an example, this year during the Rio Olympics, and the Olympic athletes and relevant expression package appeared about 920 thousand, post 26 million 910 thousand, hot volume 4 million 990 thousand, a total of 3 million 860 thousand users to participate in communication, is about 26 million 910 thousand times the number of. The first girl Fu Yuanhui "the expression" the most eye-catching, according to this group of Fu Yuanhui expression package used by 53% users in WeChat. The creators of 80 micro-blog original cartoonist Ding Yichen micro-blog fans has reached about 5800000. At the same time, "Ge You paralysis" expression package is also a full screen one summer, through a simple video shots will be "lazy", "decadent" emotional expression of information most incisive a face completely defeated, any a long and minute statement its communication effect seen.

for a different angle, the expression of the super package of communication, so that all the advertisers are excited, expression package is transformed from a cultural phenomenon into a kind of industry, there is considerable commercial value imagination.

on expression pack, you should know

expression pack have what form?

now, the expression package has a variety of forms, such as all kinds of cartoon pictures, video screenshots, animation, more star, the form of quotations, and match the words used to express specific emotions. The expression package equivalent to a upgraded product, communication and interaction and attribute of the communication tool is quite obvious.

Evolution history of

expression pack

expression package, is a form of communication between people in the network, but also a culture. At home and abroad, the development process of expression package is not the same, but the source is from the traditional mobile phone with keyboard input symbols, to express the passions. And then, Yan text, Emoji and other forms of appearance, but also to the transition from the symbol to the picture, and even the dynamic map. Expression pack was originally a private state, belonging to the edge of the cultural category, less mainstream attention. But this situation has changed in the past one or two years, expression package started gaining mainstream media attention, the community began to have more attention to the expression package hidden behind the cultural significance. This year, the Rio Olympic Games, Post Bar every day a day to face daily, the most popular expression package in order to show, let users access, but also obtain high expression Post Bar daily CCTV4 China "news", Guangdong TV and other TV media, Southeast TV reports, media attention degree increase.

Why is

expression pack so easy to spread?

emoticons, originally only a kind of online subculture, with the popularity of smart phones and instant messaging tools, emoticons can make the exchange of more fresh

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