Local website Dunhuang network promotion actual combat

Dunhuang on this site, has been done for a long time, in fact, a website operation, not only consider the (SEO), to a variety of ways to do. The site’s profit plan, site of the interests of the government, the website.

positive image, etc.

since I do now is Dunhuang portal. It should build Dunhuang online boss. You should first take the user as the standard. The second is " search engines like ", " again from Dunhuang; enterprises of ".

to do this thing

can not be too personal. From the overall situation, to establish a perfect image of Dunhuang.

let the people on the Internet said that Dunhuang, as if to say that the Dunhuang network.

so, I love the official network of Dunhuang, renamed: Dunhuang network

about Dunhuang website system:

Dunhuang network is a dynamic website management system: the reasons are as follows:

1: dynamic web site can generate static pages, static network open speed, while search engines like. Don’t laugh at me because I can’t write a program (


2: website, the use of custom tags can do many useful things, such as: title, keyword description, navigation, etc.. I write my experience (


first: Dunhuang network selection of the Guan Jian word is: "Dunhuang" two words. Tip: a website can have a lot of keywords, for example, we can easily understand:

http://s.www.baidu.com/s? Wd=%B6%C9%BB%A2%B9%C8& cl=3  the "tiger Valley" three words, the first page of Baidu ranking. Http://s.google.cn/search? Complete=1& hl=zh-CN& q=%E6%B8%A1%E8%99%8E%E8%B0%B7& meta= Google first page ranking. E color technology has only one page, but its ranking, but surprising.

second: since the word "Dunhuang" has been identified as the key word, the name of the site must be chosen to be easy to remember, including Dunhuang’s two. For example, my website: Dunhuang network, is the evolution of love from my Dunhuang network, remember to include keywords.

third: title must not be stereotyped, such as each page is the Dunhuang network.

fourth: Guan Jian words and description of the settings:
< meta name=" Keywords" content=" Dunhuang, Dunhuang news, Dunhuang " >
< scenic spots; meta; name=" Description">

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