MapAnything received 33 million 100 thousand B round of financing

recently, software services company MapAnything received $33 million 100 thousand B round of financing. This is a position for the enterprise to provide a record of the enterprise, its core product is called MapAnything for Salesforce, based on Salesforce.

round of financing from Columbus lead investor Nova, including the ServiceNow Ventures cast party, Greycroft Partners, Harbert Venture original investor Partners, Salesforce Ventures, Michael Lazerow and David individual investor and former NBA President Stern. Among them, the role of ServiceNow is particularly important, MapAnything services will soon be on its platform. After this round of financing, the company’s total financing of more than $40 million.

MapAnything provides a map service that we often see in applications, but only for enterprise customers. The company CEO John Stewart explained that they use the form of the map, so that the presentation of the data more visualization.

our core products can help customers (most of which are in the field of sales or service personnel) will be displayed in the form of data in the map, to enhance interaction, so as to improve production efficiency."

for sales or service personnel, they can use the location of the MapAnything service to determine the day’s work plan, and even the next sales calls should be hit. Although some sales assistant tools have similar functions, can according to the importance of location and customers tell you the next step where they should go, but the prominent feature of MapAnything is that it designs a workflow based on geographic location.

, for example, MapAnything can design a workflow based on a geographic fence, and when it is applied to a user, it triggers a work order.

it is worth noting that, MapAnything is not connected with the car and then set the route GPS, but based on the current location of the user to make plans, and send information to its application.

at present, MapAnything is deeply loved by Salesforce users a tool, while the two companies involved in the two rounds of financing. The company plans to use a new round of financing to expand the product to the enterprise cloud service provider ServiceNow platform.

MapAnything was founded in 2009, was originally a consulting firm. Their products are now born in consulting work, and ultimately promote their transformation into software companies. MapAnything says when

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