Seize the new opportunity of enterprise e commerce in 2010

Electronic Commerce: a rapid growth and development of the Internet mode, appears in the 2010 outbreak, the most important is the enterprise electronic commerce which mentioned here is not to say that an enterprise must build a B2B or B2C platform, including the

electronic commerce mode of many

enterprises in 2010 will be more emphasis on the development of electronic commerce, but many enterprises due to the lack of network technology and knowledge have to temporarily give up, a lot of construction company, network marketing companies to seize this opportunity, into the enterprise users, to promote their products to them, if the price is not very high, it will enterprises choose the site hosting service for business users, in fact this is not too good, first you no ownership website use, then a lot of the establishment are just built on the matter of policy, no promotion services etc.. E-commerce in the development of enterprises in 2010 I think we should launch several services:

1: the launch of the rapid establishment of self-help service enterprises, and these services should be free, like the open source CMS, I use the product for free, using templates can be free, but if you need value-added services, or better service, you need to pay the fee, the free self-help Station gathered a large number of enterprise customers. Are you afraid of customers can not find the money?

2: enterprise site promotion service, through the website of each customer can be easily completed a few steps for the promotion, I think this one should be used with the new master station, with a long tail keywords to win flow and promotion effect, like a blog, the master is an aggregation platform, bringing together a large number of enterprise site, will be classified, and then through the two level domain name in the form of SEO and

3: network marketing hosting services, network marketing is a trend in the development of electronic commerce for CPC, CPA, CPS and other services, we can take the way of trusteeship, by the person responsible for completing the daily pricing, query, analysis, help enterprises to save time and cost, now more and more enterprises pay for network marketing now, this service is also very good

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