How to use the Network Journal of Japan Lotte geographical clues to attract users

although there are a lot of Internet services through excellent product planning and design to win, but in the e-commerce market, the strength of the operating capacity is undoubtedly one of the key to winning. Therefore, as the electricity supplier practitioners, most of the time was spent on how to use some shopping clues and marketing tools will effectively guide the user access and repeat orders.

take the shopping clues to the organization as an example, in addition to the common use of goods and category for dimension operators, can also use the human dimension to operate, such as special website for new users to pull the new activities or for previous single old user retention topics, or in the office white-collar MM and graduating college students; also can use time and event dimension to the operation, such as seasons, holidays and some current social hot events (such as QQ mall life special edition). It is because of the electronic commerce website operators to so many different latitude, if you want to draw a picture on the wall to describe the ideas and planning a large electricity supplier website operation strategy, estimates can be painted the whole wall.

is Japan’s largest e-commerce company, Lotte this name because recently announced the upcoming cooperation in Chinese and Baidu joint venture e-commerce company news and enhance the visibility, just before I also specifically for Lotte has done some in-depth analysis. This topic along e-commerce operations to see Lotte market is a clue as to how to make use of local operations will string together.

at the end of 2008, the Lotte Company launched the "zeta ~ (Machi-Raku) or" regional operating sites, and attempts by Japan 47 level administrative region government and the local group cooperation model to build a local theme operating area, mainly from the earth when the products, information and tourism related activities local celebrities in the three direction organization. From the users perspective, due to geographical Lotte website operators providing a lot of rich content, easy shopping in the in the process of impulse buying.

local specialty

Because the

behind the local native type of goods generally have a lot of stories, many natural can become available for operations using the material, such as the name and origin of some historical allusions (used to be a royal tribute or the history of a celebrity Association). 5 recommended text links below is a regional operating Lotte website home page screenshots are (in square brackets is the Japanese name:


[Wakayama] Tian Orange Free Shipping


bream rice free shipping + 10 times integral

[Yamanashi] letter Xuan (Japan’s Warring States period celebrities) love Yamanashi specialty

super delicious. The national B class delicacy large collection of

[Chiba] TV introduced

used to wine excellent chicken dumplings



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