SF vice president Li Dongqi test the water electricity supplier for the construction of cold chain l

according to iResearch released data, in 2012 China’s B2C site close to 1000, only about 10% of revenue can reach tens of millions of dollars, of which 60%~70% traffic decline.

small and medium business days are tough, always wary of SF EXPRESS, but from the beginning of this year to speed up the layout of e-commerce platform, SF preferred speed of its expansion, first from Beijing Guangzhou shenzhen.


SF upstream intention? SF group vice president Li Dongqi said in March 18th in an interview with reporters, SF involved in the electricity business platform to make fresh food, is actually involved in cold chain logistics for their preparation. China Express Advisory Network consultant Xu Yong believes that the cold chain delivery market is the fastest growing express market areas, the market choice of SF cut, but it is difficult to keep.

test the water electricity supplier

after the Spring Festival, Shanghai, SF preferred announced the opening of Guangzhou, Shenzhen and three normal food distribution, since the end of the trial period, SF preferred, began to roll out its fresh food business.

is preferred SF EXPRESS group’s electricity supplier website, formally launched on May 31, 2012, positioned in the high-end food B2C. The platform with the advantage of SF express logistics and brand, procurement and transportation of imported food and local specialties. At present, under the banner of the commodity has been covering fresh food, seasonal characteristics, drinks, nutrition and health care products and other nine categories.

will have fresh food as SF involved in the electricity business started, Li Dongqi explained that other clothing, household appliances and other fields is the Red Sea, in contrast, fresh food, because the storage and transportation equipment on the distribution of temperature is relatively high, cold chain transportation investment is huge, is still blue ocean.

Li Dongqi said that the current 80% of the best goods from overseas, the domestic product is preferred in 20%. The cost of overseas operations of the SF does not pose too much burden, but reduced the empty cabin originally SF returned from abroad aircraft bellyhold rate.

in SF before, have other courier companies wading business.

July 2012, STO jointly established by the third sides of the electronic business platform, love to buy network ultra on-line, mainly food based, the first phase of investment of 20 million yuan, the same year in September 19th will be closed operations. A has also been established to focus on sales of agricultural products "new rural tact", China post and TOM group jointly launched a line of online shopping and offline retail combination ule.

Xu Yong believes that in addition to ule, Shentong, Yuantong companies such as electricity providers try to actually fail, don’t get up. The reason for the failure is that these courier companies involved in the electricity supplier, and there is no clear strategy, but just try, this kind of tentative attitude in the current electricity supplier white hot competition can not survive.


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