How to promote the product in Taobao

browse the web today, see some friends in the online question how to put their products to promote out. Thinking about this topic is also very interested in, so the rationale for the idea, to open their own shop in the past some experience and their own point of view summed up and up.

question: how to promote the product out, the same product a lot of people to sell, how to use the method to allow customers to buy your goods with you?

: select a similar product in the special products

selected: search the items in the Taobao search to find more, according to sales top goods through price, price, product description, on time and keyword search and freeze the goods. The price of the goods must be better, the price should be as low as possible, and at the expense of small profits in exchange for high flow.

II: for this product do it deep through

The first is to improve the

hits it, can start to put the goods to the address to connect students around friends, only need to have a different IP address to click it as soon as possible to improve traffic (personally think that hits the best looking for friends in the daily peak flow is better, in 12:30 – 14:00, 19:30 21:30, the period of time the number of online shopping is relatively more). Second, there is not enough light, but also need to have sales growth. Persuade friends a lot to buy the goods, as to what kind of method do. In addition, personally think: as much as possible to control the purchase quantity of about 5~10 pieces. Time to buy as much as possible are inserted during peak flows, to this special commodity sales as much as possible doing high.

: sales do high, the sales order as a means of marketing

use the sales order to write some of the growth of this product or the journey of their own in the beginning from scratch. Put this post on their own in the gang of logs, or in a number of targeted communities, such as product display area, the seller experience sharing area, etc.. In addition, the use of eye-catching eye-catching headlines, such as: explosion! Seller 10 days to sell N pieces of the process of. In general this kind of posts are very attractive to buyers and sellers attention, but still need to communicate with the community in the privacy of the administrator to play a good relationship, so that the article has become the essence of the post. Even if it can not become the essence of posts, but also to find friends and so on the top of the post, as long as the amount of reply, but also can cause everyone’s attention.

in addition, I think this is the highlight of the product needs to be paid attention to: the product is just one to do deep penetration, lower prices to increase sales.

although a little messy, but still can let everyone see the clear, I hope to open the shop can help sellers.

PS: the following are some of my past Taobao shop experience of the heart, but also do a little finishing:


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