Chinese manufacturers how to borrow the industry B2B rapid development

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from September 20, 1987, issued China Qian Tian taught without charge gives sends the first email from the Internet has developed Chinese in more than and 20 years. The development of China e-commerce market has more than ten years, according to Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released statistics report shows that as of the end of June 2010, China Internet users reached 420 million, and the highest in the world top large numbers, growing at the astonishing rate of development. At present, China’s online shopping environment is becoming more and more mature, the management system has been improved. E-commerce platform through the purchase and sale of goods users or enterprises, the number is rising rapidly. This trend, coupled with China’s rapid growth in the number of Internet users, is bound to stimulate the rapid development of e-commerce websites in china.

said the electronic commerce website, in the most representative of the domestic large-scale integrated e-commerce sites, when hundreds of Alibaba, as the representative of the hc. However, due to these sites is too strong, the industry category is numerous, website of the amount of data is huge and messy, has become increasingly unable to truly allow users to experience the convenience of online shopping and fast. As the development of electronic commerce industry, industry vertical electronic commerce website has China Textile Network A new force suddenly rises. steel industry, textile industry, like my steel net, the software industry software direct sales network, the construction industry the first building materials network


site is in a short period of time to win the rapid subdivision of industry manufacturers favor and rapid development, the reason is very simple: they have overcome the congenitally deficient comprehensive B2B website. As the saying goes, gehangrugeshan, different industries, different products in the same industry and even the trading patterns were not the same. As we choose the first choice of building materials market building materials, home appliances to buy home appliances supermarket, the first choice of digital products such as TI digital plaza. Therefore, combined with the characteristics of the industry and the development of the transaction model of the industry vertical e-commerce platform has been highly respected by the manufacturers of the channel into the thing.

analysis, the author has long been engaged in software industry products market research, and personally as Kingdee, UF and other large software enterprise vendors product channels to participate in software product end user sales process. Understanding of the trading model of the software industry and software products. We can take the software industry as an example to illustrate the advantages of vertical e-commerce websites in the software industry.

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software products in the sales process is as follows: the call (channel); understand the purchase demand and intention; come to install the demo version or the direct use of notebook demo; customers generally find at least 3-5 software vendors repeated comparison of different software demonstration effect; by comparing the notice of satisfactory software companies to come to negotiate the contract signed; after the contract notice formally to install software enterprise software product; understand the user experience and the implementation of on-site maintenance.

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software product itself: the software product is the software program engineer using the computer language through certain programming >

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