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as part of the brand reform program, Playboy launched a new e-commerce site, hoping to attract the new generation of consumers. Previously, the company has just announced that it will remove all nude photos in the print magazine.


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technology news Beijing time November 16th noon news, as part of a brand reform plan, Dandy company launched a new e-commerce website, hoping to attract a new generation of consumers.

, a new project called Playboy Shop, has just announced that it will remove all nude photos in the print magazine. Playboy magazine is also the digital content to the "Maxim" or "GQ" style closer to cope with the impact of the Internet to adult magazines.

dandy company CEO Scott · Flanders (Scott Flanders) said in an interview, the purpose of this website is to hope that through the first 2000 products to enhance the user experience. This figure is expected to increase to 10 thousand.

Playboy store sells goods including men and women clothing and accessories, as well as a lot of creative gifts. Flanders added, Dandy logo authorized annual revenue of approximately $50 million. 2014, Playboy global revenue reached $1 billion 500 million.

Playboy store is not the company’s first e-commerce project launched in recent years, they also launched in 2014 called Vapor (PlayBoy) of the electronic cigarette store. Earlier also launched in early twenty-first Century, known as Playboy Store (Playboy store) online stores, but ultimately because of legal and copyright issues and closed.

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