Collar fresh exchange Song Ruxiang open up fresh electricity supplier with the ultimate service blue

since the second half of 2013, more and more fresh electricity supplier electricity supplier O2O keyword. In 2015, many electricity providers began to expand their business areas, such as Tmall, Su Xiansheng, meow fresh wind selection, I bought the food network and so on. Very important reason is that with the improvement of the quality of life, the user’s concern about food safety issues continue to heat up, so that the electricity supplier in this field is full of competition and challenges. However, there are many drawbacks in this process, a limited amount of procurement, the second commodity transport process is more serious, and it is difficult to ensure that the product is truly fresh, consumer rights is difficult to protect. These are the current fresh electricity supplier or even the whole network of electricity supplier industry issues.

founder Song Ruxiang said, from the current situation, in the fresh electricity supplier, customer demand diversity, high logistics costs, transportation loss is huge, the platform homogeneity, seemingly fresh electricity is already one of the Red Sea, causing loss of who who do fresh embarrassment.

how to break

Song Ruxiang fresh electricity supplier has its own unique insights. His collar fresh attention can be justified in the industry at the beginning of the creation of the can.

focus on production, strict quality control.

is the first product, fresh from the exchange of commodity products are all from National Geographic landmarks origin certification. For example, the same species of cherry, seven in Dalian and other places from the mountain top is different, because the seven top mountain is a geographic landmark certification of origin, he faces the sea at 39 degrees north latitude, temperate climate and bring abundant nutrients to the area, greatly promoted the growth of the cherry. No chemical fertilizers, especially the health, but also was named the national green food.

each origin, each section of goods, fresh from the exchange will send a team to the local commodity review review, ensure the quality of goods.

own logistics for fresh shortdial escort

fresh products is the most important logistics. This is our biggest advantage. Song Zong said, and the other only in the north of the city of fresh electricity distribution, especially in the northeast, north, almost no coverage of the situation is different, fresh from the exchange the use of their day of air express logistics, can do door to door in the country to reach the speed of the fastest 12 hours, one minute after the full payment of freight, cargo loss full compensation.

do not engage in gimmicks, word of mouth marketing to the user the best experience


Department attaches great importance to the leading fresh word-of-mouth marketing, on-line will gradually carry out various activities to eat, give users the best experience, but also to help businesses do high-quality brand marketing. At the same time, it also has a large number of user resources of banks and airlines to provide personalized services for different customer groups.

finally, song summary: fresh electricity supplier industry is far from reaching the Red Sea, as long as the down to earth, a full range of considerations for the user, giving the user the best experience, fresh >

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