CN domain name is the inevitable trend of Chinese culture

until the day before, the total number of Internet users in China has exceeded 162 million, which means that the first half of the growth will be close to last year’s growth, we can see that the Internet penetration rate reached 12.3%, while the total number of domain names in China has reached 9 million 180 thousand, of which CN is the domain name registrar has greatly increased 6 million 150 thousand, it is no precedent in history. Throughout the market, the number of sites reached 1 million 310 thousand, of which the number of sites under the CN domain name has reached up to, the development of CN, the number of super COM site for the first time, therefore, CN domain name has become the mainstream of the status of the domestic domain name.

since March 15, 1985, the world’s first domain name registration, domain name has become a complete release of intelligence even a sense of humor and, because of the Internet originated in the United States because, in the eyes of the people,.Com is almost synonymous with the Internet in recent years, with the rapid development of Internet Chinese, some national brands gradually become the world. The hearts of the people of the world class". Today, COM domain name management company VeriSign faced with an increasing number of registration, it seems a little difficult to cope with, it is not difficult to see that,.Com’s years of development has led to the depletion of its resources.

we obviously can feel the wind is changing, the reporter learned that the CN domain name registration number of sites in the Western Digital has more than hundreds of thousands, whether multinational or some large domestic enterprises, have the COM domain in CN domain. Therefore, the introduction of new domain names to respond to the rapid growth of the domain name. Now, even the provincial government website, 97% of the top 500 sites, 80% of the "211" national key universities and major banks, multinational enterprises, Chinese 20 major industries 80% enterprises are using the CN domain name, then, from what is reflected in the


now, China’s CN registered in the global domain name second. We will think of "one yuan CN domain name storm", some people think that this is the credit, in fact, a large number of CN domain name has rich resources, whether for business or personal, it is very important, as one of the world’s best quality domain, which can reduce the dependence on the search site and it is not just a simple domain name suffix, contains the intrusion of a culture, a symbol of the Chinese nation. Experts said, CN domain name bearing Chinese culture, in the long run, its future development prospects must be wider than COM, from the perspective of the world, the rise of CN represents an inevitable trend.

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