Forbes Wei Zhe or JABA dispute victims of

of Alibaba (01688, HK) official CEO Wei Zhe explains how the sudden resignation of zhuangshiduanwan – spirit emerged last year more than 1000 (about 0.8% of the total) fraud Chinese supplier customer responsible still can not cover up the Wei as "Ya Ba dispute" another victim of the suspect.

for more than ten years of work in the Alibaba COO Li Xuhui also left, may be just a kind of shading cloth this intention, but it is also possible that Lee is itself a victim, because Li was in 2008 and the Alibaba founder Sun Tongyu, Li Qi, Wu Jiong, went to study abroad, after three people later and did not return to the Alibaba, and they may be the first victim of MA in the same game for YAHOO in the absolute control and security, while the relationship between YAHOO and was also very harmonious, but with the Alibaba B2B business, Ma began to control the problem more time and space to consider, apparently too much capacity the founder together is not conducive to the control.

think about what Ma is most concerned about, it can be explained that this is not a random guess. For him, in the JABA dispute solve before control is the first, most of the development only ranked second. After losing control in the legal sense (MA and the management team now holds a minority stake), in the face of a strong woman Bartz Ma wants to maintain control, it must make itself establish authority and actual effect in the management team and allow all doubt of all employees.

for this reason, the safest way is, even with a 100% trust and control, but the ability of ordinary people, will not use a superior ability, but there is even a glimmer of uncertainty, so as to establish a horse cloud operation rule system completely around as the center of the authority. Although Wei Zhe is not necessarily that cannot be trusted, but as the occupation manager he came (and the introduction of a number of Alibaba in the reuse of occupation managers), there may be different from the time rule by men, in this delicate moment, if in doubt, would rather not.

you will say, perhaps the official interpretation of the Alibaba can not be fully convinced, but Wei’s exit can indeed be a response to the needs of shareholders. This is true to some extent. Since the 2007 listing on the HKEx, Alibaba’s largest market capitalization has shrunk more than 2/3, although there is a rebound, but still close to half the shrinkage. In May of last year’s global meeting, attended the meeting and Ma Wei has been under pressure, shareholders questioned Wei get wages and the return to shareholders of Alibaba. It is said that in 2009 the annual salary of more than HK $50 million wei.

but Wei Zhe’s departure can not fundamentally meet the real concern of investors. Alibaba’s real challenge is that the industry’s trading volume and profits are rapidly flowing to the B2C format – in the field of Alibaba from Jingdong mall, Zhuo

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