Express service standards from now on the implementation of the city 3 days to calculate delays

today, there are a number of new laws and regulations and normative documents began to implement.

school bus ride up to 56 people

from the implementation of the new school bus standard provides that the maximum number of children’s school bus passenger no more than 45 people, primary school bus and primary and secondary school students should not exceed the maximum number of passengers on the school bus. The bus should be in the car at the top of before and after the installation of two yellow school bus lights, the bus should be hoarding in the outer surface, the rear of the vehicle after the car is close to the area that can be seen clearly marked, "please wait for" red ".

offsite 7 days to calculate delays

"express service" series of national standards today formally implemented, the standard clearly provides the first inspection after the receipt, civilized sorting, complete delay time and other issues. For Ordinary Express, the recipient can be regarded as a packaging, if the packaging is damaged, can be checked and then re sign. For the collection of payment express, the recipient can also be re signed within the acceptance of the first part, but not the test piece or test product features.

new standard provides that the city courier service 24 hours, the domestic express delivery in different places within 72 hours. If the city 3 days, offsite express delivery has not yet served 7 days, even if the delay.

Unicom cancel call valid

Chinese Unicom (micro-blog) today will be abolished or calls valid monthly minimum monthly consumption of prepaid products, and provide effective services for the period of extension calls all prepaid users, no monthly or monthly minimum consumption of prepaid old users, can be passed in the operating room or China Unicom online business department of change packages, no calls validity limit of prepaid products.

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