Talk about the current e commerce market B2C hodgepodge

1 show off the new stage of the theory, an industry is divided into 4 stages: the first stage is the initial stage, TOP3/4 occupy the overall market share of 20%, everyone has the opportunity to this stage; the second stage is the period of expansion, the left and right TOP3/4 accounted for 60% of the overall market share, this stage has some leader the third stage is the mature stage; TOP3/4, occupy the overall market share of 40%, the pattern of a new pattern of tripod, no giant, old giants in order to maintain market share continue to integrate acquisitions; the fourth stage is the period of recession, the industry began to decline. B2C in the United States in third stages (TOP4 accounted for 30%), China has just entered the second phase (TOP4 accounted for 35%).

2 this month, pay attention to the website: Lin Wenqin students founded B2C MMBUY shoes, Lin has served as business veteran PCHOME in Taiwan (one of Taiwan’s two listed companies on the Internet) and Xing Qi technology (08 years by YAHOO’s acquisition of two of Taiwan’s largest B2C), was added to the Shanghai No. 1 store serving MKT VP. Shop No. 1 is safe after the acquisition of MM founded BUY (spicy ginger or old, Lin eye tip ah, shoes on B2C or a blue ocean). Topic: pure B2CER BLOG I just subscribed to Lin students and MARS students, the two write better than me.

3 is currently looking at America’s two companies: TARGET and GSI COMMERCE. The former is the nation’s second largest retailer (B2C is TOP20), the route is completely different and discount fashion, everyday low price WAL-MART; the latter is the e-commerce service providers (the total revenue of nearly $1 billion last year), to provide system / logistics / customer service, the customer list includes 70 TOP500 in B2C, and different AMAZON services for small and medium-sized enterprises (only POWERED BY AMAZON TARGET customers are ready to use).

4 Dangdang 09 annual sales far more than 08 years of excellence, excellence beat Dangdang, this wonderful reversal is because the wrong judgment and decision to do great AMAZON a year ago, so that would take advantage of the excellent lost 09 years "history fully suppress Dangdang key point" opportunity, this year can pursue excellence when are hard to say. However, Dangdang also began to exhaust, watch shop some categories do up forced self recovery, for their own interests but not natural no ground for blame and trustworthy enterprises, it is difficult to become a great enterprise everlasting.

5 a friend hailun shoes B2C got A round of investment, which I think is quite reliable in recent B2C financing, happy for him, then clap clap clap. Another Khan, why some time ago, VC let me recommend reliable B2C, how I forget him.

6 the world’s top 500 IT distributors and OEM vendors

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