Groupon will carry a net anti G banner

according to the reporter, not long ago, the international business giant Groupon group purchase and Tencent joint venture Groupon Chinese, officially announced the establishment of (Gaopeng) into China, a ripple, caused by the domain name dispute on 2011 war fierce degree of group purchase industry. Groupon know that, for a full network of group purchase websites already exist in the local market China, and enjoy extensive reputation in the domestic field of group purchase. A word first out of the Tang Dynasty Wang Bo’s "Pavilion of Prince Teng" Order: Trinidad flatter, nevertheless. But it is the first full network is a "full house" for creative group purchase website. Previously, full network CEO Feng Xiaohai also said publicly that if the Groupon in the future marketing activities in the full network infringement, do not rule out prosecution and will fight in the end, with the industry to share full domain name is quite tortuous and interesting experience of registration.

Knowing that

will suffer the copycat and criticized the alleged infringement, Groupon insisted on doing so, clearly conveys several facts: 1, select to start as a domestic website, also can have; 2, nevertheless this with a strong China meaning of the name, the Groupon level is love; 3, self funded, knowingly sold out is a well-known domestic group purchase website, whether in industry or in the domain are suspected of unfair competition, but still start the domain name that prepared. But I believe the full network will be so satisfied, full network as the earliest in China business group purchase website, more than a year has been advocating high-quality group purchase, in 2010 it received from the KPCB investment of $ten million, has opened 110 cities from its website. I believe there will be a brand, domain name propaganda battle.

It is worth mentioning that, since the recruitment of

, suspected of illegal operations in China, Chinese executives leave many insider exposure. Recently, Groupon in the American occupation Football League Super Bowl broadcast on a reference to Tibet advertising and sponsorship, "Tibet foundation", is one stroke of angry netizens Chinese lit, and attracted a flood of criticism and reviled in the Internet industry.

figure for Li Kaifu Groupon Tibet advertising content review

full network CEO Feng Xiaohai said to despise

Groupon Tibet advertising content

industry, the domestic market of the group purchase environment is very complex, Groupon has not yet officially conduct business in China is negative ridden, life is full of frustrations, served as executives of Li Kaifu and Guo Quji in the foreign Chinese company, had asserted that Groupon in China will be lost, perhaps in the field of Gaopeng sold out VS war, "Groupon friends can not stand" how long will be spurned by netizens China.

today full network of community, user joint boycott Groupon posts, sound.

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