Shandong County of Boxing Bay Village speed transit network SYPC Taobao arena


special report speed transit network Shandong Boxing county (Chen Xue) large green corn, scattered houses, uneven perhaps more appropriate, mud grey walls, the bus was in a leisurely manner from Ji’nan west station to Boxing County following a small village, bay village, 36 degrees Celsius weather, but there is no way to dust.

farmers never lack of independent consciousness, thirty years ago, Xiaogangcun villagers rely on a lot of "Jin", just to win the chance to live for myself; but for today Boxing County village farmers, this is not an era of courage to fight.

what is the charm, let this small village called the "Taobao village" in the name of



in the village of the cross road, large straw crafts materials wholesale market first Yingru eye, a traditional grass Willow Bay village. Bay Village in Boxing County, 3 kilometers south, there are 12 natural groups, 1700 households, about 5000 people, the village has a history of dozens of years of straw. (fast transit network exclusive shooting)


in the past, in the countryside, want to be rich, fewer children a variety of trees, less a baby rich family full wall to fly, and now Taobao’s slogan has been filled with every corner of the village. (fast transit network exclusive shooting)


Yellow red

uniform, eye-catching. But Taobao never hide this seemingly vulgar marketing. (fast transit network exclusive shooting)


is the rhythm of neat, catchy slogans, Taobao shared features, but is always better than past those family planning policy slogan to "take" a little. (fast transit network exclusive shooting)


It is hard to think of

, in a small village, there is a design studio, the studio has many business categories, advertising, printing, logo design…… It seems to be the development of the edge of the Taobao store industry. (fast transit network exclusive shooting)



in the picture is a business entity, in the village of Taobao store owner net mall, in front of the house is filled with all kinds of knitted fabrics, mainly tea table and cushion, but it is different from other woven rushes materials, the goods are put out by the "banana skin" made. (fast transit network exclusive shooting)


"eye warm straw", the unique name attracted a small decided to explore.

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