Hunan satellite TV new media officially opened a new domain name Hunantv com

July 15, 2008, is famous for its flagship website of Hunan TV Golden Eagle net revision line, the beginning of the "new packaging and brand new Hunan TV media" tour. After the revision of the new mainstream portal cross-border golden eagle net, based on a carefully crafted by the Hunan satellite TV, Hunan satellite TV and realize the successful integration of the original site, domain name will be used by the four and a half years has adjusted to, with Hunan satellite TV content significantly close to the layout, function construction, domain features and visual image. Show yourself the one and only the Hunan TV new media properties and advantages.

July 15th New On-line only home to one of the new golden eagle net, and the introduction of news, entertainment, Hunan satellite TV, broadcast, podcasts, blogs, forums and other new content channels, and will continue to launch Hunan radio, film and television (pay per view), Golden Eagle, female culture, music, animation, wireless, mall, online education or channel the sub brand website. Among them, shows that the "Hunan TV new media" features of the golden eagle net of Hunan satellite TV channel (, is the transformation based on the original site of the Hunan satellite TV, Hunan satellite TV, the latest information, special programs, interactive entertainment, audience services and other content, will be fully displayed in the exclusive channel and its sister channel golden eagle net entertainment channel.

The integration of

website and former Hunan TV Golden Eagle net, not only creates the golden eagle net of Hunan satellite TV channel to continue to meet the majority of the audience favorite Hunan TV online browsing and interactive, but also realize the complementary advantages and one original two domain resources, the flow of resources, content resources, channel resources, technical resources, human resources, brand resources, to the new brewing large golden eagle network resources and space force.

in the "Hunan TV new media debut, the new growth of the golden eagle net showing a hitherto unknown. Since then, the Internet brand, Hunan TV network publicity platform, news and information, autonomic activities, self-management programs, television drama, music, business information, host stars, actors, television viewers, on-site participants, related industries, foreign strategic cooperative relations, advertising resources, the Internet will have an official operation to expand the exclusive hub. This is the Golden Eagle network hub.

Once a

Golden Eagle network and Hunan satellite TV broadcasting Hunan unified official website, exclusive portal, consolidate its position as the Hunan TV new media total positions, the operation cycle, can be in the original has become a national news website and Hunan top audiovisual media network station on the basis of the further development of powerful features, entertainment website the mainstream commercial website and the wide extension of website positioning and endow the "Hunan TV new media and new cross-border mainstream portal to enrich the connotation and essence of the wonderful.

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