Driving China 1 million yuan acquisition of qudong com a new high record of the domain name spelling

      network owners according to the statue meters news network July 30th in Chinese spelling for the identity of the domain name, is widely used in many domestic websites are easy to remember because of its unique, in recent years there have been tudou.com and youku.com and ant network and other large sites offer complete application domain. Recently, the domestic well-known driver download site and drive China to spend 1 million yuan acquisition of qudong.com domain name, the domain name spelling again to refresh the transaction records of the.

by driving the Chinese CEO Su Yang learned that the acquisition of qudong.com negotiations began in May of this year, with the seller after more than two months of negotiations before the final transaction price of $1 million. Qudong.com also had an earlier drive download site, August 1st will be in the name of "driving" launched a new driver download site, download the driver provides, driving evaluation for the majority of users, the driver installation guide, hardware technology, hardware and information services.

driver China is a leading driver download site, founded in March 2005, has been available for download driver nearly 100 thousand brands of hardware, amounted to more than 500 thousand times, the global ranking is about 2000.

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