Taobao launched a small micro fast mining to seize the 20 trillion class B procurement needs



network operators in the world by Zhou Lin

C end attributes obvious Taobao, began to try a new direction – cultivate B end user.

following the opening of the enterprise shop, Taobao launched a professional market for enterprises – small and micro fast mining, intends to solve the enterprise in the procurement process of various pain points.

person in charge of their business to the "world network" Qingshi reporter said, the so-called small, for the two groups: one is the small type of small and medium-sized enterprises, the other is a small demand for large companies, the procurement requirements of these two types of organizations in small and micro channel fast mining well comb.

earlier, in the 2015 annual Taobao seller conference, Alibaba group retail business group president for epilepsy had revealed that Taobao will expand in the horizontal business, open up a new, independent professional market, enterprises will sell products to consumers, rather than sold to individual consumers, and stressed that "will take the independent business operation, for buyers and sellers to provide a more professional service."

small micro fast mining is the final form of the idea of landing.

why do small micro

fast recovery?

"this is a big market of 20 trillion capacity, but the online share of only tens of billions of dollars, the interview began, bluestone to reporters shared a group of contrasting data on procurement market, the Internet has just begun.

at the same time, increase the time for consideration, the government level also in encouraging the small purchase demand on the Internet, in addition, the traditional procurement process is prone to corruption phenomenon, which also accelerated the process of purchasing transparent internet.

in the face of this new blue ocean market, the major electricity supplier platform are in the enterprise procurement market layout, the Alibaba within the group not only has 1688 B2B terminals, B2C and Tmall enterprise purchase; Jingdong launched the three Hui Mining procurement platform, shop No. 1,, followed by the launch of the corresponding channel, some vertical industry platform in strengthening the purchase of color.

is not only the change of these external environment, in Taobao, the demand for enterprise procurement class is also growing rapidly. By the end of 2014, Qingshi and his team began to conduct a series of research visits and data analysis for this market.

after this research, there are B users bluestone procurement needs were a crowd of Taobao in the picture: the procurement needs of these enterprises are not use own rather than selling for two times, at the same time they timely and quickly has a very high demand.

is more important, Qingshi found that this has been produced in the Taobao purchasing behavior of the group, Taobao sellers accounted for nearly 70%.

is precisely because of the different service groups, which means that small and micro fast acquisition and other platform procurement business has a natural partition.

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