The endless competition group purchase competition has just begun

            twenty-first Century is the era of the Internet, the development of e-commerce has become the main force. To the United States Mission network, handle network as the representative of a new generation of buy site at the right time. Its success is largely due to the habit of e-commerce to educate users to pay online, and the maturity of social media makes it easier to spread information. At the same time, the group caught the opportunity to localize the business services, which is China’s consumer culture and the market is not mature: consumers accustomed to collective bargaining, and retail prices are generally lack of transparency. This allows the social network has a commercial potential, positioned as an intermediary in the online trading platform and therefore has a huge market opportunity: to provide consumers with no need to face collective bargaining.

            if there is no bubble in this industry, no one believes. Since last March, the U.S. group net took the lead on the line for 1 years, at the end of March this year, the 114 group purchase navigation ( from 800 Chinese website found that this kind of website total has reached 4015, this year the market size will reach 16 billion yuan. Heard from the capital market seems also to be good news: after the U.S. group, full website has received tens of millions of dollars in financing, lashou has completed the third round of financing in April, amounted to a record $111 million valuation of $1 billion 100 million. Introduction of the latest round of public comment group buying business will also be more than $100 million.

              there is almost no barriers to entry, easy to copy the business model and old-fashioned price war, let China Internet industry in the emerging service nishajuxia. Imitators are hoping to repeat the Groupon in the establishment of only 2 years growth miracle of the story: Groupon IPO in the second half of this year, the valuation will reach 15 billion to 20 billion U.S. dollars – in optimistic forecasts, the capital market is always generous.

              China’s group buying sites quickly understand that this is the most recent pattern of cash. U.S. mission network CEO Wang Xing said: buy for the Internet to find a profitable channel. If the Internet to draw a circle, or money flow in from the outside, or from within, and find a group purchase cash flow approach." Renren’s glutinous rice network CEO Shen Boyang also said, including portals, search, social networking, etc., in the early stages of the site did not immediately find a profit model, but the group has naturally owned cash flow model. Sina, Tencent, happy net, platform Internet Co has involved, group purchase has almost become a standard feature of Internet Co. Especially Tencent not only QQ>

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