Trader Zhang Yong Ali is how to do the double eleven fire


Zhang Yong said, whether it is PC or mobile electricity supplier, I pay more attention to the two aspects of change: consumer connection and supply chain upgrade. Whether it is a new type of electricity supplier or business upgrade, both sides are indispensable.

reporter Zhai Wenting

Ali after the listing of the first "double eleven" curtain soon, Hangzhou stronghold is the state before the spring rehearsal. The day before yesterday, we saw the "double eleven" the founder of Alibaba group, Ali COO Zhang Yong in Hangzhou park. In an exclusive interview for nearly two hours, we talked about the origin of the "double eleven", the pain that has been experienced for the past six years, and restored the real "double" eleven". More importantly, he is also part of this year’s program oh spoilers.

play new tricks

two days total (Ma Yun) asked me, "double eleven" how do you estimate this year? This time, I usually more conservative views. Of course, we will have a lot of fun things, such as some staff or management, make some simple guessing game. As usual, I’m not going to take part. Who can guess the absolute value of the final figure, you can get a prize.

this year "double eleven" is the focus of the wireless, globalization and platform. More and more users to participate in the wireless side of the double eleven, and we are fully consistent with the judgment, this trend is unstoppable. However, there is a big difference between user behavior in the PC and the wireless side, which is a new challenge for us, we will strive to adapt to this change this year. According to Pad, mobile phone and other different models have to make plans, such as open speed to take care of the user in the weak network, the content of fluency, not just what the PC moved to the mobile phone, but let the wireless side have a unique experience. But also let the user through the smooth in multi screen, "double eleven" this year is Tuesday, the most likely scenario is that the user during the day sitting in front of the computer, using a mobile phone on the way home, lying in bed is in using a mobile phone before going to sleep.

as a platform, we also want to allow more people to participate in the double eleven, liberating the productivity of businesses and partners. This year there are hundreds of game developers to do a lot of interactive games, we provide such a tool for the shop, which they think fit into their own shop. Including red envelopes, we want to send a pattern every year, this year will be through the way some celebrities to spread.

in cross-border logistics, we have been based on the sale of the bulk of the goods shipped from abroad to Guangzhou, Ningbo and several other bonded warehouse, and then split into small packets. We use cross-border pilot policy to support the volume of customs clearance this year, double eleven globalization.

"double eleven" to today’s reputation has been high, the spread of this year when the brand is very important to remind, do some benefit design, let everyone have the power to come back, we also do some hot dissemination of "double eleven shopping". A full range of warm-up is to let everyone feel that I am a member.

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