State electricity supplier eight released by the State Council to encourage nternet companies liste

Prime Minister Li Keqiang visit in the morning of May 7th, Zhongguancun Venture Street the boom has not yet dispersed, a few hours later, announced the "State Council on promoting the development of electronic commerce to accelerate the cultivation of new economic power views" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), promote the development of the electricity supplier from eight aspects, accelerate the development of new economic power.

according to the "daily economic news" reporter, the rapid development of e-commerce in China, not only create new consumer demand, triggered a new wave of investment, open up new channels to increase employment, to provide a new space for the public entrepreneurship, innovation, and e-commerce is accelerating and manufacturing integration, promote the transformation and upgrading the service industry, the birth of new industry, has become a new force to provide public goods and public services, economic development is the motive power of the new.


on electronic commerce "country of eight" is also referred to establish a diversified, multi-channel e-commerce development of investment and financing mechanism, to encourage qualified Internet companies listed in the territory and other related policies.

encourage Internet companies listed in the territory of

in May 7th, there are two related Internet companies is a big thing, Premier Li Keqiang went to the 3W cafe, again to promote public entrepreneurship peoples innovation; it is one of the State Council announced "on the development of e-commerce to accelerate the cultivation of new economic power views", to encourage qualified enterprises listed in the internet. "Opinion" clearly pointed out that the relevant departments should in accordance with their respective functions, increase financial support services; to establish a diversified e-commerce development, multi-channel investment and financing mechanism; support mechanism of inventory management of commercial banks, security and e-commerce enterprises to carry out intangible assets, chattel mortgage and other forms of financing services. To encourage commercial banks, commercial factoring institutions, e-commerce enterprises to develop supply chain finance, commercial factoring services, to further expand the financing channels of e-commerce enterprises; to guide and promote the venture investment fund, to increase e-commerce support start-ups.

in addition, the Opinions also clear the three principles. First, actively promote. Take initiative to support development. Actively coordinate and solve the various contradictions and problems in the development of e-commerce; two is gradually standardized. Decentralization, put the tube combination. Law can not prohibit the main market, the government can not be authorized by law, to minimize the administrative intervention in the e-commerce market; three is to strengthen the guidance. In the light of its general trend, grasp the trend.

"opinion" is put forward seven measures: one is to create a relaxed environment for development, reduce the access threshold, reasonable tariff reduction, increase financial support services, to maintain fair competition. Two is to promote employment and entrepreneurship, to encourage employment and entrepreneurship in the field of e-commerce, strengthen personnel training, to protect the rights and interests of employees. The three is to promote the transformation and upgrading, innovation and service people’s livelihood, promote the development of electronic commerce in traditional trade circulation enterprises, and actively develop rural e-commerce, innovation mode of industrial production organization, new tools for financial service promotion, new product specifications of network financial service. Four is perfect >

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