Ultra billion glasses how to avoid the glasses when today finally understand the secret

when the need for glasses is very tangled, in the face of all kinds of glasses of the spectacle frame and various see my eyes, it is impossible to start. In fact, about the glasses, there are not too many professional knowledge, just remember every time to wear glasses, the clerk said that good, buy the glasses, but why is the price, then settle a matter by leaving it unsettled. Wear glasses for ten years, before the habit of glasses is to go to the big glasses shop, the feeling is a brand, trustworthy, and later learned that the original glasses have so many secrets. It is a tragic history of


2004, my first time with glasses, not satisfied, just looking for a feature!

remember when I just in junior high school, is estimated to read books to see more, with the eye not cause health plus. It is especially popular to the bookstore to rent books, a few dollars can rent several books, one can look at the addiction, the evening after the bedroom lights, quietly point a candle to indulge the novel world. However, after one or two months, I found that I was sitting in the back. Myopia is from then on, I made a special impression on me. Back in order not to affect learning, can only bite the bullet to home to 600 pieces of money, then felt the glasses glasses shop is a luxury, is a good place to senior, I entered a junior high school students do not know how to deal with the glasses shop clerk, behind do not know how to buy a pair of glasses 575 yuan, I deliberately left 25 continue to rent books, haha. However, 600 yuan at that time, I think it is so large a sum of money, because I am a month of food on the $200. In this way, my first pair of glasses came, this is 3 years of wear.

impression, the first pair of glasses is a bit like this, the specific has not quite remember the

2007, the second time I wear glasses, looks a bit like it!

it is gratifying that I did not continue to indulge behind the novel, after the examination of the key high school, but the degree of the eye is also rising. Can only change the glasses, and because it is a long body, with glasses this thing can not be careless, so the money is easy to get the glasses with the hand. The experience of the first second glasses, I ventured a lot, a lot of knowledge of the specific understanding of glasses to the clerk, for example, what kind of glasses often need to read, it is not easy to tired eyes. Know domestic glasses, also imports, but imports more expensive, do not know at the time is not a psychological comparisons, I want to buy a pair of imported glasses, but because the price is too expensive, later bought a pair of 750 yuan of domestic glasses. But for a middle school student, it’s just the price. At that time, the style of the glasses are not too much care, as if the plastic half frame. It’s pretty light. In a word, I feel better than the first time.

second glasses

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