2016 Tmall grab 11 pairs of red envelopes Tmall red skills how to grab

when approaching double 11 we will have 2016: Tmall double eleven double 11 red envelopes, how to receive? 2016 Taobao Tmall double 11 double eleven Taobao how to grab the red envelopes? Eleven double entrance? How to use double grab Red Raiders? Eleven red envelopes? All kinds of questions that


small series will be through the article one by one to answer all the questions.

there are 20 days, once a year the "double 11" hand chop Festival is coming, Tmall also prepared red envelopes for everyone, the highest 1111 yuan, the general superposition.

it is understood that in 2016 Tmall double 11 envelopes today (October 21st) 0 when open grab, the maximum amount of 1111 yuan, can receive 3 times daily, receive red envelopes time will continue until November 10th at 23:00.

red is divided into 1 yuan, $2, $5, the amount of $1111 and the value of $10 coupons can be used on the double 11 day, the two red envelopes can be used to split the 11, more than double the 11 red envelopes can also be superimposed on the use of.

* 11 double envelopes a total of two recipients:


computer terminal to grab a red envelope address: http://s.s.click.taobao.com/FRBZXQx (copy links open)

mobile phone terminal to grab a red envelope address: http://s.s.click.taobao.com/lt7ZXQx (copy links open)

Amoy password:

password: $AAQirryA $


tip: copy the password above, and then open the Taobao or Tmall client. Automatically open the red envelope window after opening (



How to grab 11

double envelopes: Tmall double eleven double eleven grab Red Raiders is a festival created by

China electricity supplier.

"double eleven" refers to the year November 11th, the date of the special, so it is also called the day.

from the beginning of 2009, November 11th of each year, a large e-commerce site to Tmall, Jingdong, suning.com as the representative of the general will use this day to some large-scale discount promotions, in order to increase the sales amount,

became the largest China Internet business activities, the importance of singles as linked to the shopping festival and more attention. The red envelope is the business activities and official activities in order to push up the climax of activities!!.

every day to grab. Grab the end of this year eleven] so far officially under the original capital! The highest envelopes can get 1111 yuan, cut the hand of the party who do not rob



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