Taobao providers are expected to be the biggest bottleneck on the eve of the Spring Festival online


investor news reporter Wu Peifeng

January 10th, Alibaba announced that the existing business structure and organization will be adjusted, the establishment of the 25 division, Ali split into more small business operations.

chairman of the board of directors of the Alibaba group, said, the big company into a small company operations, we give the market, to challenge our competitors more opportunities, but also to give ourselves a chance." He also said that the split Ali people want to work together to turn them into a small and beautiful, a significant role in the ecological development of the group".

this may also include the new business, including Taobao, including the provision of new services to explore the possibility of new ways.

recently, there is news that Taobao will be on the line of new projects, Taobao super business, mainly for imported food and supermarket supplies, is expected to be on the line before the spring festival.

for the FMCG gross profit and customer price is low, per unit gross profit contribution of thin, electricity supplier for this category is more cautious, FMCG in e-commerce have become the main category.

but in recent years, in the mode of online supermarket shop 1, the rapid development of Jingdong, mall on-line food channel, as early as in October 2010, the predecessor of Tmall Taobao mall began preparations for the online supermarket. Tmall supermarket day to achieve a single level." Electricity supplier analyst Li Chengdong told the investor news reporter.

according to the electricity supplier analysts Lu Zhenwang said, Tmall supermarket to self oriented, Taobao supermarket to supermarket business management, and there will be a great innovation in the last mile, the Taobao core high-end food sellers, line supermarkets chain attracted.

Li Chengdong believes that food fast dependence on logistics high. It is understood that the consumer goods characteristics of short shelf life, easy to damage, easy leakage, fragile goods distribution, high demand for logistics distribution.

Taobao has yet to respond to the matter. Taobao super unified inventory and distribution management will be small sellers or their respective shipments, is not yet known. But logistics is essential for such goods. If the small sellers each delivery, every single logistics cost is high, and scattered distribution services will also reduce the user experience.

previously, limited to logistics, Tmall supermarket currently covers only the Yangtze River Delta in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Ningbo, Suzhou, Wuxi, Nanjing, Taizhou, seven pilot cities. 1 shop chairman Yu Gang earlier in an interview with investors, said the interview, shop No. 1 self logistics distribution is also an inevitable decision. At the beginning of 1 shop has been handed over to the third party logistics and distribution, so that they are more focused on electricity supplier business, but the level of service is difficult to meet the domestic side of the third party.

FMCG electricity supplier on the supply chain management also have higher requirements, including how to manage turnover in the warehouse quickly, relatively large volume fast >

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