Tang Wei Dove egg hot million domain names

the whole world of the movie "lust, caution", Tony Leung and Tang Wei is undoubtedly the most shining star, but let people move again is the two? Another "Star" in the film, but is very erotic, that is "Mr. Yi" (Tony Leung ornaments) to "Wang Jiazhi" (Tang Wei) 6.1 Cara dove egg pink diamond ring. In the novel, the story is from a large diamond ring (also called dove, a group of eggs) lady cards, hand diamond on each other, make Wang Jiazhi the emerald ring shabby: "Jia Zhi thought, only she didn’t ring, wear to wear to this jade, I do not wear people laughed at, — even can not see her." Mr. Yi noticed this, take her to buy a big diamond ring, Wang Jiazhi saw a pile of five or six carat diamond ring, immediately dizzy head, go to mr..

a Cartire (Cartier) dove egg pink diamond ring on Friday, quietly flew to Singapore, is currently Ngee Ann City Shopping Center Cartire flagship store display. Tang Wei followed the "sejie" fire, but also to become valuable Tang Wei wearing "Dove" eggs, become priceless. Even and it is closely related to the domain name (gezidan.com) has been registered on the Internet asking price 1 million, according to the Registrar stated, "dove egg" is another name for the large diamond ring, but also on behalf of the best jewelry. If you have this domain name, the jeweler is equivalent to standing on the peak of such products, is supreme. In the industry is a symbol of authority.

reporter consulted about gezidan (dove eggs) the other domain name, such as gezidan.com.cn; gezidan.net have been registered by a space. But the price is not low, registered said priceless dove eggs should of course have a good domain name to match, the only way to have a "dove egg" this noble title.

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