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Nanfang Daily News (reporter / correspondent Huang Huang Cai Yaojin / Zhang Peihua) economist, said: do not put all the eggs in a basket in the. For the clothing enterprises, the deep meaning of this sentence or can be understood as, in today’s market environment, in addition to accelerate the expansion of the store, the electronic commerce also should be considered as a priority among priorities of enterprises to develop the domestic market.

the traditional clothing enterprises to develop e-commerce to do to prepare? How to integrate internal and external resources to develop electronic commerce to develop electronic commerce and investment required?? for this series of problems, in June 26th, Shaxi invited, Amazon, serves network, wonderful shopping mall and other commercial giants gathered in a fierce discussion around the product negotiate, business services, expand channels and other topics.

reporter learned from the forum, by the European debt crisis and other negative factors, the domestic textile and garment industry has encountered unprecedented challenges, especially the export situation. At present, more and more clothing enterprises began to try to rely on e-commerce to open up the market, and the effect is remarkable. Shaxi town Party committee member, deputy mayor Liang Dongxiao said, Shaxi is currently studying the introduction of relevant reward enterprise e-commerce application and support policies, encourage enterprises to accelerate the pace of upgrading, production, management, sales upgrade upgrade upgrade.

how much clothing online shopping


reporter was held on the eve of the forum was informed that in 2011 China’s apparel online shopping market size has reached 204 billion 900 million yuan, an increase of 94.7%. Data show that clothing has now become the largest online shopping category of goods.

days Yu clothing company is one of the main electronic commerce clothing enterprises, belonging to a well-known Shaxi garment enterprises. After a year of development, now the company specializing in e-commerce staff has increased to 17. They also vividly called "rob sales center". The company responsible person Li Lin told the past year, the company focused on sales of clothing in Tmall, and now nearly 2 million monthly turnover, and in a growing trend.

where the target customers, sales channels have to follow where. Clothing online shopping has become an inevitable trend, who first entered the market, who will be able to take the initiative. However, clothing enterprises must be psychologically prepared for the fierce competition in the market. I have one hundred friends to do the clothing business, the sixty had done e-commerce, but the remaining less than ten." The person in charge said.

online shopping market how to stand out?

can not be denied, and now the apparel industry, the product has fallen into the dilemma of homogenization. Many garment enterprises launched products similar, style, fabric and price are very similar. If these similar products sold on the network, how to find a special channel to stand out?

network serves relevant negative.

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