April Fool’s Day joke O2O busy

in the April Fool’s day, the major Internet Co especially represented by BAT often released a number of "black technology", and this year’s April Fool’s day, but spread out a Baidu will give up false news, O2O in this regard, Baidu has called this rumor, April Fool’s joke can not be opened, and the reward of 40 thousand yuan to trace behind.

rumors stop wise. And do not say whether this matter is really any conspiracy, might as well take a look at the recent changes in Baidu O2O. In my opinion, only to Baidu Nuomi in the O2O ecological layout, as well as movies, KTV and hotel, health beauty and parent-child vertical category of force speed obviously, 2016, O2O life service industry pattern or will be reversed. Of course, this can also be speculated that the false news of the perpetrators of a state of mind.

technology allows O2O into the fast lane

O2O the beginning of the war, the impression is that there is no technical content, the fight is the operation and capital. But when technology and O2O combine effectively, will be able to greatly reduce costs.

O2O platform is not a ring around the development of holiday marketing, with other platforms simply rely on subsidies to do holiday marketing is different, Baidu Nuomi’s holiday marketing has a scientific data guide.

2016 eve of the girls’ day, Baidu Nuomi integrated over the years of consumer data and the entire network of female users portrait data released O2O life service women consume big data report. The report pointed out that the proportion of Chinese Internet users accounted for 46% of the proportion of women in the consumption of O2O in, while in 2015 Baidu Nuomi’s performance of the girls’ day in 3.7 than in 2014 to achieve an increase of 600%.

Based on this

, Baidu Nuomi to build the third session of the 3.7 girls section, once again set off a line under the line linkage of the female consumer Carnival: hundreds of city country has more than 800 thousand businesses involved in the shop to pay Baidu Nuomi, more than 10 million users to participate in. In March 5th, 3.7 girls Festival starts on the first day, Baidu Nuomi App ranked apple App Store ranked second overall standings, the service life of the first list.

can see, busy busy and increase the Commission to continue to subsidize its competitors, Baidu Nuomi through technical means of making Festival Guide push, steadily, in the optimization of a variety of new features of the user experience, greatly increasing the quality user retention rate.

not only that, according to the author, Baidu Nuomi will also be big data technology into the process of pushing. When it comes to push, many people think that sales promotion personnel cleans carpet and blind shop, actually do this effect is less effective, thankless. Driven by Baidu big data technology, Baidu Nuomi’s push is becoming more and more technical fan children, targeted, efficient.

through large data analysis, Baidu Nuomi can stay within the category of user preference category, and the district has a single category distribution category, the category of consumption distribution in the area, to analyze the group provided by the district

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