Businesses told consumers why double 11 no longer cheap

perhaps, we suddenly found that electricity providers no longer so low. What is changed is synonymous with cheap Taobao? Billion state power network to find a Taobao senior clothing businesses, he reveals the reasons from three aspects.


below is the seller, after the end of the 11 double need to tell consumers, the original:

electricity supplier platform may be less time than most people want to continue short. Slowly, those who enjoy the electricity supplier shopping high quality and low price consumers will find that the electricity supplier and the lower end of the physical store purchase price is very small.

The success of the so-called

business platform, but in the capital support, businesses holding excess capacity, while holding the commercial real estate arrogant, unlimited zoom retail price consumer online shopping boom extrusion force, the rise in the two historical opportunities under the.

today, business competition is fierce, those in the electronic business platform to create a perfect operation ability to sell the business, will bring their excess capacity, it can not support the feed factory, and inventory, eliminated.

eventually, dust to dust, soil to the soil, have to return to the essence of commercial retail, back to the quality of the product, be carefully protected Maori, improve the quality of service on the old road. Good things, good service, no matter what, can not see what is the relationship with the low price.

Tmall to make money

traditional retail stores increasingly high threshold, FMCG inventory backlog dumping poor access, so business change, electricity providers have emerged. Initially, the electricity supplier to the individual competitors opportunities. However, Ali Taobao slowly open up from raw materials wholesale to finished goods retail, excess capacity in the gradual reduction, naturally not continue the current low price of space.

Tmall to create value, but also to seek profits, and even seek steady or rapid growth in earnings. So, where these profits will come from long wool sheep?. Moreover, Tmall’s profit model, not to make money from the merchant to make money, but to make money on the merchant who bled to support large businesses.

is precisely because of this, Tmall in the flow distribution mechanism, continue to flow to large businesses. Really rely on the ability to operate on the platform profitable shops very little. So, in the end, when the flow bonus period finished, almost all businesses will be sad, it will change the business ideas to shape the core competitiveness.

and 2013 pairs of the main venue and the venue of the real estate business is expected to be lower than expected, is a clear dividing line, which means that businesses are taking care of the upcoming era of Maori 11.

In addition to

, Tmall big sellers of one-sided policy, lead to explosion of lost space operations in the electronic business platform, which also resulted in the low base puerile, small workshops and small factory production and sales do not exist. When these small sellers out, the platform can only maintain a false prosperity for some time, and ultimately inevitable into the era of oligarchs, low natural >

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