Vertical electricity supplier one stop shopping transformation is the trend Gome online to all cons

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one-stop shopping online to all consumers

the United States!

Abstract: the essence of the retail industry is that regardless of online and offline, we must consider what the user needs.


in August 22nd, Gome online "Friends" Thanksgiving reception, Gome online chairman Mou Guixian on goods layout said that in the future the self-employed business, on the platform, virtual products, tourism, financial and cultural industries have begun to prepare and layout.

this is the United States this year has been advocating the development of the concept of online. In simple terms, can be understood as one-stop shopping solutions. Gome online this has a traditional home appliance retail background of the enterprise, why should emphasize one-stop shopping analysis of the reasons for the following three points:

vertical electricity supplier transformation trend

United States online to create a one-stop shopping, the entire vertical electricity supplier market is facing the environment caused by. Since the rise of the electricity supplier market in 2007, to this day, B2C market has formed a vertical electricity supplier and platform electricity supplier two types of market structure. In the process of continuous development of the market, the vertical electricity supplier and the electricity supplier platform between the share of the dispute.

if you can see the summary of three cases, one is the vertical development of the electricity supplier, such as; one is absorbed, such as red child,; another is seeking transformation and development, such as the Jingdong by digital 3C franchise to comprehensive online shopping, online shopping books Dangdang from monopoly to comprehensive, Su Ning 3C by the traditional home appliance to online shopping, it appears that the vertical electricity supplier in the business to a certain extent, to the comprehensive transformation of online shopping has become a major trend. Gome online Jingdong started late than 10 years, 2 years Ningwan than Su, the creation of "one-stop shopping", also can be seen as a brave attempt to cater to the market environment.

market driven by the interests of

transformation from specialized services to the platform business, but also driven by the interests of the market in order to seek new profit margins. As the transformation of the traditional home appliance retail channels of the Internet business, Gome online home appliance business as the core has been implemented for many years. Since last year, the United States and the group to achieve a comprehensive integration of procurement, logistics, information supply chain value platform, this year’s performance is good. August 25th Gome group in the first half of the year, the first half of 2014 the amount of online transactions increased by 53.7%, the date of independent user visits (UV) grew by 43.8%, e-commerce gross margin reached 7.3%.

this shows that the United States in the field of traditional home appliances online advantage is the ability to further play and display. In the face of a huge online traffic, how to effectively use, the United States is bound to consider the current online problem. At this point to broaden the direction of business, in the platform, virtual products, tourism, finance, cultural industry overall force, will further enhance its sales market share, >

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