Cross domain was purchased minon express trademark


across the speed as the main "domestic limited" express logistics company, engaged in courier service has a history of 8 years. The company has 40 thousand employees, 12 thousand vehicles, 8 night flight aircraft logistics enterprises will also be limited to a full refund, "as their service characteristics.

in the boost of e-commerce, more and more logistics, courier companies and people’s lives are inseparable. This can be called a war horse and SF express express company with strong action in a step by step to prove himself; please help the actor Wu Jing endorsement, and the company will own wildly beating gongs and drums was upgraded to a group of companies, comprehensive in group mode of operation.


in the double eleven approaching, as the domestic express logistics group limited, the trademark "KYE" across the speed corresponding to the domain name in the domestic famous domain name trading platform "China high turnover, the domain name through 58 placards bid by Xiamen Yu Cheng network competing, the transfer has been completed. Now the official website from across the express Chinese Pinyin abbreviations, English character and word composition, will be slightly difficult in memory and brand promotion.


To promote the

of the Internet, especially the popularity of online shopping support the rapid development of express industry, many domestic brand conscious courier companies such as SF, one of four links "are in the brand building under the foot work, in addition to the basic construction of enterprise VI, network promotion is a logistics company from any on the battlefield, but with orders, logistics information query, network query, merchants, website bearing media company information becomes particularly important publicity.

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Application case of

industry category domain name: Post Express, FedEx international express, state courier, ZJS express, air express, TNT express, Ups international express delivery express, Acer,

etc.Application case of

related categories: the domain name of well-known enterprises, DELL, Sina, KFC, Chinese Lenovo mall network, apple Chinese, one drug network, PICC, Pacific Insurance, Midea, HP, Samsung, China the bank, EPSON, Canon, China postal China, industrial bank, Amway automobile, Chinese home, MaryKay, Minsheng Bank, industrial and commercial bank, Sinopec, BMW, Nikon, Gome online China, Thailand securities, HUAWEI, Changan automobile, etc..

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