The United States Messi Department layoffs of 2500 people online retail electricity supplier counter

January 8th, the U.S. Department Store Industry on behalf of the brand Messi department store announced plans to lay off 2500 people and shut down its underperforming chain of 5.

it is worth noting that, at the same time, layoffs in the store, Messi department store will increase the number of employees in the online retail sector to increase employment, in order to enhance the competitiveness of WAL-MART, Amazon and other online retailers.

it is reported that this part of the staff was cut to 1.4% of the total number of employees, layoffs, Messi department store can save $100 million a year, but the layoffs will reach $120 million to $135 million. However, the decision to enhance the retail network, Messi department store has also won the support of investors, the news came out the same day, Messi department store shares rose 5%.

it is understood that Messi department store opened 840 stores in the United States, with a total revenue of $27 billion 700 million in 2012. The company said that in 2013 11, in the Christmas period in, including online retail and store sales, including an increase of 3.6%, coupled with the same store sales of the chain authorized by the parties to grow by an increase of $4.3% in the same store sales in December. Although the performance is relatively good, but this increase is still a certain distance with online retail. Based on this, the Department had to adjust the physical department.

and department stores in the United States, the current domestic department stores are not good days, then the domestic enterprises will be similar to the adjustment of Messi department store, it is noteworthy.

points out, to deal with the impact of the electricity supplier, the United States Department China department store business bigwigs and real measures is quite similar: the development of their business platform, the implementation of WAL-MART as the representative of the O2O strategy and the difference in the commodity and the experience of.

is a long-term concern of domestic and foreign retail industry analysts told the "daily economic news" reporter, unlike China market conditions, foreign comprehensive business is relatively small, so the department stores have room for the development of the electricity supplier. In addition, mobile electricity supplier marketing is also a Chinese department store in the active use of tools.

Guangdong Province circulation chamber of Commerce executive president Huang Wenjie said, Messi department store, the domestic retail business transformation direction is more flexible, with similar mobile providers in the counter attack, domestic enterprises or will become international examples.

investment advisor in the retail industry researcher Du Yanhong said, the future, the layout of the domestic wide industry chain stores will also be bound to shrink the entity stores overweight line.

Du Yanhong pointed out that the electricity supplier and the entity should not be regarded as an absolute competitors, in fact, they have a competitive and complementary relationship. In the current market environment, the department store is still more consumer audience, the electricity supplier can not completely replace the department store, but the electricity supplier and the department store business overlap part of the Department Store caused a greater impact. Department store O2O, combined with online and offline advantages, is a more ideal way of development."

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