Taobao is not bad money shop encountered technical failure

electricity supplier of the road to get the message from inside the show car network, its recent application for Taobao C store shop for a week that Bao Wang is not scheduled to open, which seriously affected the party in third channel development and sales plan.

According to the

show car network third party channel Taobao C shop responsible person Ms. yuan introduced, Thursday November 12th be paid consumer protection and Pu fees totaling RMB2180 yuan, after the completion of the payment has not been able to show Wang Pu, thought Technology (currently Taobao cache causes any changes that are required to spend a few hours to show changes the results of


in 13, 14 and 15 days respectively, call the Taobao customer service inquiry, inform the technical problems, the customer can not see the shop platform, it is reported that the transaction number cannot find out! Finally told not to determine the final opening time, only to wait.

consumer protection plan launched by Taobao in March 2007, aims to create a new, more effective new integrity of the online shopping industry system, so that consumers buy more confidence, so that sellers do better business. So far, the consumer protection plan has launched the "full compensation", "7 days no reason to return", "lost three" and "buyers and sellers appeal proof", "30 days of the maintenance and shielding measures such as search engine. Shielding Baidu search engine which has caused the dissatisfaction of the majority of sellers, have said that traffic decreased. Many sellers in the early cancellation to maintain a wait-and-see attitude, then Taobao in order to secure the consumer protection of the occupied capital, began to participate in the consumer protection sellers to promote, at the same time will be scheduled to pay the cost of 1000 yuan according to the merchandise category to make adjustments, a minimum of 500 yuan. With the addition of the seller to increase, while the buyer’s approval, Taobao began to increase the amount of insurance coverage.

according to Taobao’s 5 million sellers to foreign claims to calculate, to pay the consumer protection accounted for about 30% of the seller, with an average of $1500 to pay off the insurance, the amount of up to 225 million of the funds occupied. Although the consumer protection commitments can apply for withdrawal, but also set up a number of barriers to exit. There are a lot of sellers have responded: consumer insurance easy to join, exit difficult (because of the huge funds to see the benefits, Taobao will also rise to the height of the new credit system)

The following

for consumer protection agreement on the suspension of part of the terms: such as the period of the agreement no violation of the rules of Taobao user behavior, and to the termination of the agreement after three (3) months, the user does not have any third party complaint or transaction disputes, Taobao will be issued a directive in the period after the expiry of 10 working days of Alipay company, the lifting of the freeze on the margin of the. The so-called "technical failure" and the emergence of it has also failed to be resolved in a short period of time for new sellers was unacceptable, as Asia’s largest C2C platform, so a small technical problem cannot be resolved, it is very doubtful whether Taobao is also the same as before, for the sake of customers! "

yesterday released the electricity supplier of the road for Taobao mall channel, B2C is an independent mall is returned into??

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