Buy site to promote the rapid development of the third party payment

with the super online banking on-line and non-financial institutions to pay service management approach, the third party payment has become one of the hot spots of the industry. Different people have different opinions, but most people are optimistic. Regardless of the super online banking on the line or, or non-financial institutions to pay service management approach, or that are not too much adverse effects, the majority believe that will promote the development of the industry.

in my personal view, the national team super online banking will play a certain impact, but not enough to make the market turmoil. CCTV launched the national network television, the video site industry has not been too large fluctuations, you can see the third party payment will not be affected. Come and see all kinds of license last year for the video site, the impact on the existing video website, you can see the third payment license will not be affected.

is not entirely affected, it is not only for small businesses, and some do not meet the rules of the market. These enterprises to promote the development of the market, but ultimately will affect the development of the market. Therefore, laws and regulations, will allow the industry to become more standardized, so that law-abiding enterprises can have a good development environment. Of course, to be able to be in a variety of uncertain factors in the environment, to maintain a competitive advantage, we must strive to grow and develop, to maximize the reduction of various factors on the development of the enterprise itself.

from the current situation, the hot site to buy, will bring an opportunity to pay the third party. If you can seize the buy site, become a common means of payment, it will be able to achieve rapid development in a short time. From my observation of the group purchase website, most websites choose Alipay, after all this is the largest of the third party payment tool. The second payment, quick money, IPS payment tools such as a wide range of applications, has become a lot of group purchase website provides the services of the third party payment. The impact of these payment tools to buy site, is able to provide the most convenient payment services, but also to make the payment tool will soon get more users.

payment tools themselves have a certain market share, a lot of e-commerce sites to pay tools. As for the payment of money, BaiduPay such a platform for the third party payment services, there will be a new development opportunities. For example, the Tencent caifutong, although Alipay does not pass, but the number of QQ users, are likely to become caifutong users, these people also group purchase website users. If you can support the money paid, will also bring more convenience to the user, both sides have the opportunity to get more users. The same is true of Baidu BaiduPay, Baidu if you can force and buy site cooperation, I believe that many sites will not refuse. After all, Baidu is a relatively large flow inlet. Baidu can take the opportunity to become the group purchase site payment standard. In this way, for Baidu and music cool days, can have greater opportunities for development.

in the final analysis, buy a group of Web site, >

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