Weekend put a large amount of quality limited purchase Jingdong take you unlimited spike

suddenly, summer is no longer a blessing, an invigorating autumn climate in autumn! Want to harvest their windfall? To put the price of Jingdong to participate in the weekend Carnival! In the life of travel, the train ticket for the Jingdong "full brought ten" gifts for your intimate. IT products, mechanical keyboard, the price of 99 yuan, the notebook is as low as 888 yuan! Book explosive goods straight down 70 yuan! Mobile phone red rice Note3 straight down 100 yuan, the Meizu PRO6 straight down 200 yuan. Digital camera 50 percent off brands, big purchase! What are you waiting for, now or never, come to your favorite boutique Jingdong to buy low-cost explosion models


PC link: http://s.sale.jd.com/act/yuteUJZbmQV.html

APP link: http://s.h5.m.jd.com/active/HCJCJxJXkS2TbDCz1AzAwwpCSAV/index.html

boutique explosion gathered in one of the major categories everything complete

The Jingdong

weekend price, fine explosion limit seckill started on schedule from September 24th! 10 in the morning to 18, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus vivo V3M limited cheap panic buying, CNC high version as low as 1497 yuan. More Kingston laptop, EPSON home projector, Taipower 64G rose gold apple U disk, mobile phone millet Mini router you rob! September 25th, limited panic buying momentum Sheng! From 10 in the morning to 10 at night, 12 hours of continuous cheap Carnival you participate! Music, Meizu and a variety of mobile phone packages have been reduced, friction the leopard game mouse as long as 199 yuan. So preferential carnival, Jingdong come enjoy hey buy it!

mobile phones sell their own strong selling point of low quality

want to change mobile phone but still hesitate to put a large price? Jingdong over the weekend, let you freely change new machine! Jingdong for different users tailored exclusive sections: hot blast products, tide brand recommendation, thousands of intelligent machines. Multiple choice, multiple concessions, let you enjoy the extraordinary shopping experience! Apple, HUAWEI, vivo, Samsung, OPPO, cool, ZTE, Jin and other brands have their own selling strong incoming, red rice Note3 straight down 100 yuan, the Meizu PRO6 straight down 200 yuan can also enjoy 12 free! Not only that, there are purchase gift fee activities. Buy apple, LETV, HUAWEI, glory and other models can be specified to send the bill to enjoy preferential. A variety of special promotions, let you purchase free,


tide product cohesion trend of life to create a new fast life

the pursuit of quality of life, to purchase the Jingdong IT quality! Want to play the game well equipped, no less! Razer (Razer) black widow spider Symphony version of mechanical keyboard straight down 200 yuan, Logitech G50>

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