Domain name registration & agency matters

      a lot of friends mentioned domain name registration. I am here to do a special theme, I know and meet the problem.
      1) domain name and space is separated, do not have to buy a place in the purchase of the domain name, domain name must choose the most reliable direct registrar. No matter how the environment changes /
      2) the domain name in the end how much money, the general agent is about 60. The 8 main agents abroad, I is the core agent, just before you purchase, are Chinese channel nets zhongxinwangzhongxinwang Internet business China resources in enom    ename 
    3) to buy a 10 or more domain names, suggest you open a proxy generally, about 1000-2000, opened directly in the registrar. Buy a 1-2, if the direct purchase, the cost is very large, this site can register for you. International domain name 60 yuan a year (com net ORG). The domestic domain 50 yuan a year ( CN)
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