Buy books online to change your electricity supplier to increase the threshold of the package

a book after the sale of 13 yuan discount, but the freight to pay $10

Why buy

online book expensive

not long ago, Ms. song in Dangdang bought eight new books, after the discount of the total price of these books are far more than the book of the book of the threshold of $38, you can enjoy the postal policy. But let Ms. song puzzled is that these eight books were split into four orders, and of which the three did not meet the standard package, you need to pay the freight. "One is Hangzhou Bookuu delivery, a book after thirty percent off is more than 13 yuan, but the freight to pay 10 yuan, with this book is more expensive than the original price!" Ms. song complained.

by understanding, the reporter found that such a situation appeared really a lot. "Recently ordered 6 out comicfans new comics and art collections, but Amazon automatically split into 5 parcels, almost all of a book is a parcel, express little brother have recognized me!" books on Amazon forums, like this Tucao many, many people do not know the order split, split parcels on what basis the specific operation.

orders are split from the third party seller shipped

reporter with the reader’s two questions, respectively, asked Dangdang and Amazon customer service.

the reporter understands, and Amazon online bookstore in addition to most of the self books, there are some third party sellers offer books, book distribution pattern of these third party sellers decided by its own. So, if the customer wants to buy books from the two part of Amazon’s proprietary books and Book Third Party seller, the seller and the third party to take delivery of their own way, then the order will be split into two, respectively by the online bookstore and the third party seller shipped, customers will also be based on the specific circumstances of the two orders view meets the shipping standard.

"it is worth noting that both the self Amazon books, or the third party seller selling books, as long as marked on the product page is not the third party logistics Amazon seller shipped, then at least 49 yuan can enjoy free shipping service." Amazon customer service.

for orders in the books of different parcel sent, there are two kinds of situations, if customers choose the fastest way to split the order shipped in order to get the book as soon as possible, then the Amazon logistics will choose the fastest way of delivery according to the requirements arising from the different inventory send parcel delivery fee by the customer themselves. If the customer chose to try to merge the package distribution, but the order of goods in line with the Amazon system automatically split orders, then the Amazon system will automatically split orders. "This is done in order to allow customers to quickly get the book, according to the inventory and delivery to the first part of the book to the customer in advance, after the transfer of goods to the rest of the book delivery." Customer service explained: if the Amazon system automatically split orders this situation, Amazon will not charge any customer distribution costs."

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