Groupon VS sold out or will set off a new round of financing mergers and acquisitions of domestic B2

not long ago, Gronpon Chinese Gaopeng ( into Chinese, and network group purchase triggered a domain name dispute. Gaopeng said it is expected within 3 months will be Chinese staff from 120 original growth to 1000; also known as the "full network by KPCB investment of $ten million, and the opening of the 110 city", "the strength of their fight, Groupon was also hit by means of market, until it completely back to the United States home so far". The reason for the dispute triggered by the domain name reflects the 2011 B2C buy business competition.

2010, statistics show that domestic e-commerce financing a total amount of approximately $614 million, where the customer raised $one hundred million within a year, Mcglaughlin and Dangdang have also listed. Network group purchase originator Groupon rejected Goole60 acquisition of billions of dollars, and then transfer to the Tencent in China, triggered a war and full network. E-commerce is more and more sought after by investors, a large number of investors to finance and mergers and acquisitions of e-commerce showed great interest.

"financing tide", "M & a tide", "the tide" set off a new round of disputes and competition. That will join the Tencent, Groupon said it will hire 1000 employees in the China scene, and was looking for talents to enter Harvard University Chinese to prepare the natural domain similar manzuo called "anti anti G banner", "fight in the end".

most of the domestic B2C enterprises paid much attention on Groupon, full network battle. With the Tencent for Shenzhen enterprises Luis live mall said "in a new round of financing and purchase in the tide, B2C enterprise will debate the rapid development and high returns can be heard without end, the electronic commerce rate the attractiveness of foreign investment institutions, and consumers in e-commerce, will lead to a new round of the 2011 B2C the tidal wave of mergers and acquisitions into the tide of financing." As one of the bank’s partners in the South Mall Luis Laifu unashamedly, the industry and the media speculation will be generous". In the Groupon China inroads into the market at the same time, Lis Fu revealed in this year will finance up to $one hundred million, and is expected to buy some small B2C website and enter the automotive and food industry.

as a milepost in 2011 domestic B2C development, financing and buying Luis Laifu a microcosm of the entire industry in the tide just. In a round of high financing, marketing has become a routine means. Sina Sohu almost every location is full of all kinds of B2C advertising, a variety of marketing tools overwhelming. No "customer", with a visible "group purchase", behind the active is a new round of financing tide and enter the tide, even as strong as the Jingdong, the financing and the expansion of the road has never stopped.

as B2C buy network, there are studies that have not yet fully entered the capital, but the outbreak has emerged. Groupon join the Internet March

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