Offbeat Lasafo Growth Diary economic Master fun 2 billion


to promote the advantages of vertical electric richly endowed by nature, with Lasafo as the representative of the "Master economy" operating too fast.

April 16th, Sheenah "Huan" brand new spring and summer "that infants in Le bee line in just 4 days, booking volume reached thousands of pieces, even if it looks like most of the T-shirt is" the small "pre-sale price is 159 yuan, compared with the same trend for young people 29 yuan every guest a lot of your t-shirt.

this is Le bee network in the Internet trend of clothing to test the water. Previously, Lasafo by virtue of its own brand – Shizuyoshi successful landing cosmetics electricity provider, and to find the profit model. After 5 years of operation, Jing Jia cosmetics sales in 2012 close to $400 million. In addition, Le bee network also launched its own brand of health care products, clothing. These own categories in the entire music bee net sales of 1 billion 900 million yuan contributed 30%-35% share.

in the retail sector, to create a brand, develop a brand, the smooth realization of large-scale production is not easy. Such data for a start-up Internet skin care brand, is a good result. With the help of star Master, Lasafo in the small run, small scale production way to achieve economies of scale in the Many a little make a mickle.

do a good job after the brand positioning, Le bee network and borrow movies and television programs, micro-blog, WeChat and other channels to promote the realization of the smallest mass production scale sales. For example, the smallest production scale is 10 thousand bottles of cosmetics, clothing production scale is about the smallest of about 5000, some of the smallest unit of T-shirt or even hundreds of pieces can be. As long as this scale, basically can not lose money.

, a well-known electricity supplier analyst Li Chengdong believes that the electricity supplier is now the cost of acquiring new users is higher, and the route is good to take the static millet, Apple’s fans economic route. With the aid of film and television program resources, Le bee can reduce the cost of user acquisition, and with the help of the brand, the formation of word of mouth and the effect of music bee.

Daren brand Huan type case

Huan brand from the famous host Sheenah.

Huan’s name is "fashion" pronunciation of Hunan dialect, has repeatedly appeared in Sheenah’s happy camp program. Later, Sheenah felt that the name is a bit interesting, directly to the Hunan dialect has its own pronunciation of the name of its commercial brand name. And in the joy bee network launched Huan T-shirt page, Sheenah exudes temperament also gives Huan free, lively, direct, happy, positive brand connotation.

in January 18, 2013, Sheenah himself to find a team operating Huan type. After the music bee network team to operate in a short period of 3 months, the joy of sales growth is very fast, the fire of a T-shirt sold a total of more than 5 thousand. After the initial success, Le bee launched homeopathy spring "that infants".

Huan Cheng Cheng, head of marketing, told reporters that the joy of the crowd positioning is 85, 9>

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