Yao Jingang how to use SEO for e commerce

SEO, strictly speaking, should belong to the part of the network marketing, and SEO is the network marketing in the smallest investment, the most effective way.

e-commerce, a very important part of the network marketing, so with the development of e-commerce, SEO and e-commerce is more and more closely linked.

1, e-commerce website marketing rules: to promote their products as the main purpose

combined with this, we can find a suitable e-commerce SEO Title strategy.

(1) product name policy

this is one of the most simple strategy to the product itself as the name of the site’s SEO keyword, for the competition site is not much of the product, this method is the most effective. Through this strategy, we can effectively bring high-quality visitors and become potential customers.

(2) company name strategy

This method is suitable for the

strategy in a certain brand of a company, the potential users will pay more attention to the company’s brand in search of the products, which are more willing to purchase behavior into the company’s website.

(3) long tail word strategy

the effect of this method is the best, but it is also the most tired. Because a large number of long tail words can bring objective benefits, and a large number of long tail words need to spend a lot of energy.

2, e-commerce website optimization rules: focus on the user experience, enhance user stickiness

The main goal of

electronic commerce website is selling a product, then all into your website can be called the potential customers, a good user experience of the website can better enhance the exchange rate, in the user experience optimization, should pay attention to the following points:

(1) site in a prominent place annotation contact or online FAQ, customer staff to maintain good dialogue attitude and professional fast customer problems;

(2) site to maintain the speed of the next 3 seconds, the speed of the site will make visitors feel happy;

(3) of goods to introduce as much detail as possible, and provide related products or products recommended in the commodity link, the left side or the right side, in order to maintain selective maximum user;

(4) common problems to be displayed on the home page of the site, a user-friendly reading, the two is conducive to improving

3, e-commerce website promotion law: pay attention to soft, enhance the reputation of


electronic commerce website in the promotion of the time should be more to establish a trust mechanism with potential users, this can not only enhance the trust mechanism of website reputation, but also can effectively enhance the volume of electronic commerce website. Therefore, in the promotion of e-commerce sites, soft Wen can bring a very good reputation effect >

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