Double 11 in the real name system will be this year’s online shopping will be late

each reporter Zhao Na Zhang,

all express parcel has finally implemented the real name registration in the country. Yesterday (October 22nd), the Ministry of public security news website, the central comprehensive management office, the Ministry of public security, Ministry and other 15 departments decided the day before, from now until the end of March next year, in the country carried out within the scope of the dangerous and explosive goods, logistics delivery and rectification special action to resolve the disputes.

today, including the delivery of logistics activities, real name registration, shipping box and mail X machine security and safety management system as the goods are to promote the implementation of a priori. It is worth noting that this special action comes just as once a year consumer feast — "double eleven" shopping carnival on the eve of the major electricity providers already eager for a fight to prepare for. Real name system implementation of the special action will be implemented this year, double eleven impact?

SF said in the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, the first on the stability of strengthening social safety, absolutely effective prevention, the company actively cooperate with, and participated in regional test. But the service efficiency and customer experience has declined. Hope to have a better solution.

another courier industry, told reporters that the implementation of these initiatives need to have a legal basis and understanding of the various aspects of the staff. Enterprises should also consider the cost of rising. In addition, how to avoid the leakage of personal information in the name of the real name system, is the need to pay attention to the implementation of the place.

actual operation difficulty is not small

October 22nd, the Ministry of Public Security Minister Guo Shengkun hosted a video conference call, to carry out special operations, do a good job in the mobilization of social stability. One of the most concern to the outside world, is the delivery of logistics activities to promote real name registration, send mail box and X machine security and other safety management system as the implementation of the prior articles.

for the special requirements, an anonymous courier company told reporters that the move is necessary, whether it is government regulation or from the public perspective, hope to express the real name system, security. The real name system is actually a kind of forced accountability means, the ultimate goal is to ensure the safety of express delivery. The delivery channels cleaning and strict control is very necessary and important.

actually express the real name system in a very long period of time is near "name" system, which is affected by many factors.

to now ask "today", the courier company believes that the move to implement this thing to the front of the foreshadowing and propaganda, the actual execution and now the original used may Shun down without too much change, because in order to achieve the relevant requirements, the link is not small.

added that the implementation of the method can be more realistic and more feasible, still need to express the business and management of both sides to explore and explore.

in addition to

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