Liu Qiang Fury Tmall tocin North Jingdong civil strife

After the

from Tmall supermarket, Tmall electric continuously sent one billion envelopes of cash, the Jingdong apparently sit still, in the recent launch of the "eleven home lay purchase day" activities, announced plans to send one billion coupons. Unfortunately, although the same as one billion, but there is a fundamental difference: the user is no cash coupon use conditions, the user can receive the shopping coupons arrived now, and has the prerequisites, such as the purchase amount reaches a certain amount to be used.

is not difficult to find a Jingdong called "coupon" was not meant to user feedback, the opposite is a gimmick to stimulate the user that Jingdong contributed to cash flow, the Jingdong has become cautious in the promotion even through the promotion for users of cheap companies. Of course, iron brother is not that the Jingdong with no practical significance of the "gift" against Tmall is part of it, behind the more helpless.

substantial loss of cash flow worrying

Jingdong since its inception has never stopped the pace of loss, the loss of the occasional narrowing has been enough to make Jingdong management happy for a while. With the completion of the listing, Jingdong has also become a public company, to accept investors questioned its profitability. Listed on the one hand is a good thing for the Jingdong, the enterprise can be through the stock market into the money, and management can also cash through the stock market. But at the same time also requires Jingdong to operate in accordance with the normal business logic business: that the enterprise must have a real profitability.

this is also after the listing, the main reason for the promotion of Jingdong increasingly water injection, promotional slogan is great, but less affordable. Need to know the latest results show that Jingdong losses up to more than 500 million yuan.

in addition, Jingdong self mode high cost and low copy of the Jingdong to become the biggest obstacle to business development, Jingdong only by reducing the third party merchants settled threshold, improve supplier accounts of the form to increase the profitability of the book. Listed on the side effects of Jingdong has become increasingly evident.

the Jingdong launched a guilty "gift certificate" from the fundamental point of view, the Jingdong’s cash flow problem is gradually deteriorating, as recent as no improvement really worrying the future.

Jingdong difficult

Not long ago, Tmall announced that

Beijing, Hangzhou double home court strategy, Tmall supermarket had been first in Beijing to promote, the Tmall electric appliances and Suning in Beijing joint initiative, the purpose is very clear: to further suppress the living space of the Jingdong.

of the Jingdong’s eleven home appliance purchase Festival is quite a point to fight back, but to remove the above mentioned cash flow problems, Jingdong also faces the following two issues:

1 Jingdong logistics advantages to further narrow the

previously Jingdong’s proprietary model in Beijing is a great advantage, especially in the distribution speed, distribution quality. However, the combination of Tmall and Suning, Suning line distribution will be carried out in conjunction with rookie logistics, in order to improve the efficiency of product distribution. The next day after Tmall supermarket in the distribution efficiency and the Jingdong has tie, Suning and >

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