Analysis of the common problems of the traditional small business electricity supplier

I personally have nothing to do with the Internet in fact, not to mention what is the relationship with the Internet based e-commerce, because my career is to do graphic design, a very ordinary graphic designer. But when I was in college at the time of contact with the Internet under the guidance of my friends, and now they are also doing their own amateur operations of the site, one of my professional counterparts with the logo design website is a little bit of harvest. But I have never been in contact with e-commerce, I do a few sites is the main profit point of advertising and direct sales of my work, did not do the kind of e-commerce is now popular. When it comes to e-commerce today, I don’t seem to be able to talk about it, so I’m not going to define it as an amateur opinion, of course, not the kind of authority.

I want an example about the fact also told me of their relationship occupation, is my friend now where a company is doing digital printing, my friend is responsible for the network operators over there, and I often help the customer to design something later processing is in the company to do. So my friend and I are reporting to the company itself often has on their more familiar with the situation, and today I to an Internet expert, business layman’s identity to talk about this case, of course, I was also an amateur Internet enthusiasts. The following is the basic situation of the company to do business: the company is my province where the industry leader, before the service is the basic object of large customers, such as his studio, studio, government agencies, schools, hospitals and so on, and now with the national policy restrictions, the trading volume of his old customers a lot of drop dramatically, to think of the transformation. That is, some of the energy spent online, that is, the development of direct end customers. In fact, in terms of the country, there are hundreds of companies competing for strength, and many companies have already done electricity supplier, and some even do five or six years of e-commerce. It can be said that they are latecomers, but my friend is at the end of April this year to their work, in fact my friend on the Internet this play more, but this time he has complained to me, said that he really is underappreciated, say what chaos like, anyway now the progress is not smooth. In fact, I am also a comprehensive analysis of the transformation of many traditional business electricity supplier to do a common problem, the main problems embodied in the following aspects:

first, styled. In the company my friend, because the policy adjustment will face great pressure, simple point is reduced orders, because the upper requirements of conservation, and those government agencies, hospitals, schools, will greatly reduce the orders for them is a crisis, must consider the transformation of terminal customer. Although the company also has dozens of people, but in fact, such a small company is essentially a decision maker himself, so the traditional business background of the boss does not understand the Internet do not understand e-commerce. But they want to change, they also like to learn, of course, this is also a boss should have; but at the same time the problem is here, they have no bottom

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