The hundred regiments was Chen Yizhou sent a glutinous rice network war

Groupon model in the United States, so that the domestic buy site in recent months continue to heat up.

June 23rd, thousands of oak interactive group announced that its investment to build the buy site sticky rice formally launched.

Qianxiang interactive group chairman and CEO Chen Yizhou said, Thousand Oaks now has entertainment, communication, community, and many other online games property diversification of the Internet business, these sites will be entertainment, social interaction and function as the core value. The introduction of glutinous rice network, is relying on the advantages of the community to try e-commerce.

"I talk to Chen Yizhou, Youtube model has just recognized in the United States, China suddenly emerge more than and 200 video website; now Groupon mode is much lower threshold than the Youtube model to estimate the threshold, how the existing hundreds are also playing live, estimated there will be a 2000 home." Shen Boyang, vice president of oak interactive group, glutinous rice network head of the China economic times said.

but 5 years later, just like today’s video site slowly left Youku, potatoes, these, I think the site will not buy more than 5." Shen Boyang said.

glutinous rice net copy Groupon mode

Groupon in April this year, the valuation is $1 billion 350 million, is expected in 2010 sales of $350 million. In the United States well-known TechCrunch site, the Groupon sought the great.

Groupon was founded in November 2008, is a group buying site. Its uniqueness lies in: every day only push a super low discount products, services have a regional, in a certain number of accumulated to buy before the transaction, there will be willing to buy forward to persuade people to buy.

The traditional

group purchase website provides merchandise discounts to low, only 3% off, 2% off, let the space like this kind of Something is better than nothing., but the group purchase website, discount up to 2, 70 percent off, or even lower.

in the first trading rice online line as an example, the original price of 176 yuan JACKIE CHAN Yiu Lai international studios viewing package, glutinous rice price is 40 yuan.

glutinous rice network, the person in charge of the characteristics of this model can be summarized into two aspects Shen Boyang. For users: every day a large cash coupon, like every day to open a Christmas gift surprise; local service selection; group purchase; guide consumption; addictive, 75% for female users; the spread of the virus by SNS.

for the business is: a new marketing platform; the neglect of the local business media; no advance promotional costs; no advertising design costs; increase the cash flow of marketing; to ensure the number of transactions.

Groupon is the essence of e-commerce +SNS community, thousands of people have this network SNS platform, do buy is an advantage

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