Wolf CEO admonition Shenzhen electronic commerce should pay attention to the small and medium sized

A few days ago

, wolf CEO e-commerce e-commerce development in Shenzhen city and puts forward some suggestions to develop the basis of the first talent reserve, many people find me, I hope to continue the series on writing, so I write second advice here: Shenzhen electronic business model city development needs to pay attention to small and medium sized enterprises.

recently released data show that the first quarter of 2010, China’s e-commerce market, the total turnover reached 1 trillion and 15 billion 270 million yuan, single quarter turnover exceeded trillion scale. Electronic commerce in the Internet as a powerful means of marketing force, emerging enterprises, and bring more economic benefits for the enterprise, more and more enterprises expand their e-commerce e-commerce online shopping trip, attention to small and medium-sized enterprises have reached a urgent moment.

the morning of May 14th, the sixth fair just opened, Shenzhen Nanshan District government signed with China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone, jointly launched the fusion of high-tech and cultural industries Shekou net Valley – the Internet and e-commerce industry base project.


plan in the next 3 years, creating a total area of over 300 thousand square meters of new Shekou net Valley – the Internet and e-commerce base, make full use of Shekou, beautiful environment, for the national investment, and strive to attract outstanding 300-500 Internet companies in 2015 the total output value of the target enterprises in the park more than 30 billion yuan, into the a powerful new impetus for the rapid growth of Nanshan economy.


I see this kind of news, for the Shenzhen government to support electronic commerce policy deeply admire, however, as e-commerce model city, wolf e-commerce hope the government can pay more attention to the survival situation of small and medium-sized enterprises of electronic commerce.

May 15th, CEO was invited to Dongguan and the wolf electronic commerce network, carried out views on issues of e-commerce development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Dongguan exchange, insist that the future development trend of e-commerce in the Pearl River Delta region should tend to small and medium sized enterprises. However, many SMEs do not know how to start e-commerce?


, wolf CEO e-commerce e-commerce demonstration in Shenzhen city to put forward advice is:

attaches importance to SME e-commerce training and brand building, the main recommendations are as follows:

1 to carry out free e-commerce training for smes.

Shenzhen wolf electronic commerce CEO Zhu Jiabao think that small and medium-sized enterprises need to accept the popularity of e-commerce training courses and seminars, the depth and the practical need to strengthen, not limited to policy, and to implement, to tell the small and medium-sized enterprise what is electronic commerce? What is B? What is C? How to understand the past glory of Taobao the C market is correct, when many big sellers Amoy, small and medium-sized enterprises should follow the trend "in amoy". To tell small business owners, the core of e-commerce needs overall planning, long-term development >

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